Sep. 3rd, 2006 11:41 pm
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We're just back from watching Crank at the cinema. Mmm... Jason Statham.

What a fantastic film! It's sharp, funny, fast-paced, loud, and stylish. Not too stylish, just the right amount. Think Goldilocks and the third bowl of porridge's brand of just right and you're there. There isn't much of a plot, but the plot is not the point here. Neither is the action, to be honest. The point is to portray how trippy and fucked-up this* situation is and the director does a great job with it.

If you're expecting a very clean-cut Jason Statham a la The Transporter, then you probably shouldn't bother with this film. I expect that it'll become a cult movie in a few years. If only for the scene in Chinatown....

Thoroughly enjoyable. I rated it 8/10 on IMDB.

* I won't be giving away much when I tell you that Statham is a hit-man who has been poisoned and has to keep his body fuelled with adrenaline to stave off dying. That's the premise the trailer gives us and it doesn't stray far from this point.
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Through the miracles of modern technology, I am now insured to drive our car. (Amusingly, as our policy has now become a driver and spouse policy, it doesn't cost any extra for me to be named. In fact, Dave gets a £5 rebate :P Apparently I make him a safer driver or somesuch.)


Last night I drove us to the cinema. Only a few miles, but plenty of fun roundabouts--I remember how big a deal it was when I first drove round one of those!--high speed roads, and streets lined with parked cars. This morning I drove us to the midwife's and back again during the school run, so that was fun.

I've also learnt that a car is not just a car. Our Alfa is a lot bigger and heavier than the Renault I'm used to driving. So, more foot to the brakes and so forth. It's wider, too, so I need to watch my verges and clearance. It's also weird to be using a semi-automatic gearbox instead of a manual and pushing forward only to go up a gear, and pulling back to go down. I find myself forgetting and trying to go across and up occasionally.

(POTC2 was okay. Far too long, though. The effects were great, Scruffy Norrington was nice, I loved Davey Jones' face, but the plot left a bit to be desired. We'll see how the third film ties stuff together, I suppose.)
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We saw Superman Returns this morning, courtesy of the Evil Empire. Well, they're not so bad--they set out bottles of water and bags of popcorn for our comfort :)

It's not a bad film. The plot is reasonably good, Kevin Spacey was ace, the effects were great and the score was fantastic. (The film greatly benefits from being allowed to base the score on John Williams' original music from the first film.) However. Brandon Routh is (a) too young for the role and (b) has an inadequate physique. I couldn't (and didn't want to) get past either of those points.

I know, I know... superheroes are always powered down in movies. But I still expect Superman to look like Superman. I want bulging muscles and for him to not look like an almost bog-ordinary human. I want to sit and wonder how dumb people have to be to not realise that Clark is Superman: "Look! He's practically bulging out of his suit! How can they not notice?? I'd notice if the office dweeb was all muscly with huge shoulders." There were some nice touches and he does do some very Superman/heroic things. But it still didn't feel completely right.

Afterwards we went to the pub and Forbidden Planet with some folks from the CGS boards, whereupon Dave spent far too much money on trades, and I drooled over a limited statue of Batgirl. Alas, I can buy loads of baby clothes for £86 and I'd be irritated if it got broken....

Now we're home and I'm vowing never to walk anywhere again. After tramping around London for three days I ache from top to toe and my round ligaments hate me. Still, only 101 days to go.
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My 20 week scan date finally came through on Friday. It's on the 2nd of June when I will-amazingly enough--actually be 20 weeks. Hopefully Speck is as ridiculously healthy as Dave is and not sickly and broken like mummy. I'm looking forward to starting to buy little bits and bobs. I do worry that I'll have Speck and not have anywhere for him/her to sleep....

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We braved the lightning storms last night and ventured out to the cinema. It seems that Mission Impossible 3 was just far too scary for Speck. S/he kicked almost all the way through the film, especially during the first half. You know a film is too loud when you can feel the bass line through your feet.... Still, it was enjoyable hookum and all the noise helped distract me from two hours of agonising breast pain. I heartily recommend it to all pregnant women for that reason alone.

In other film news, we watched The Dukes of Hazzard the other night. OMG! What a travesty!! I hope Speck dozed through it. I wish I had.

I traipsed off to the hairdressers this afternoon and am now a red-head once more. I really wish I'd been able to fit in an appointment earlier as I had an antenatal physio class yesterday morning and felt like a Scruffy Mummy instead of a Yummy Mummy. I'm definitely a good candidate for Unfit Mummy, too--one of the women there kept asking if she could still go rock climbing, swimming, cycling and hill walking. Honestly, where does she find time to sleep? The other women there ranged from a blonde Sporty Spice lookalike to a severe fashion victim and to a rather wrinkly Angelica Houston lookalike. I was quite relived to not find a bunch of teenage mothers there but as I suspected I was indeed the porkiest person there. Oh well. Speck will be well padded from any clumsy bumps and tumbles.

And now it's time to make dinner.


Feb. 10th, 2006 02:25 pm
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[ profile] 2lazy4linux just sent me this link. How absolutely brilliant is this? It's not listed on IMDB yet, but The Independent has an article on it and an interview with PTerry.

I am thrilled. I wonder who will play Susan and who will voice Quoth?

*bounce bounce bounce*
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This post brought to you by [ profile] glammetalkitten's attempt to wake up her flist ;)

I dragged myself to the dentists this morning and apparently my sore wisdom teeth of last week were caused by gum inflammation rather than any horrid abcesses. Other than that, my teeth are in great shape, which is a huge surprise! I had visions of being toothless and gummy--I think it's fair to say that I overreact to thoughts of dentists, which is odd as I grew up with a really lovely dentist.

Other than that, there's nothing exciting in the world of Ang. I'm hugely disappointed by the recent photos for the X3 movie--why is Juggernaught wandering around without his helmet in every picture? The whole of the Brotherhood looks awful, actually. Oh, I'm pretty close to finishing a rather short J/J story--it should go off to beta this weekend if I get inspired and fix the two paragraphs that I hate :) I suppose that's vaguely exciting....
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For those of you who've been under a rock for a few days, Sam Raimi is to direct PTerry's "The Wee Free Men. A resounding YAY to that!

Fantasy casting is going on in earnest over many a message board. Personally, I'd love to see Dame Maggie Smith as Granny Weatherwax and Dame Judi Dench as Nanny Ogg, however, I'm not sure Maggie would want to play two much-loved witches. Dave reckons that Andy Serkiss should play Rob Anybody, which could be pretty cool. He's got the right sort of interesting face....

And for the Americans: SciFi has bought rights to the new Doctor Who! Alas, this does push back the US DVD release, but I'm told the Canadian release is still happening on 14th February. That'll work, right?
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We watched March of the Penguins tonight and wow! I always loved penguins but now I have so many new reasons to love and respect them. Such determination and dignity. Of course, being the big soft girlie that I am, I sniffled my way through the whole thing and was devastated when a father penguin dropped his egg. (There was a thing with a seal too, but I hid under Dave's arm. I said I was soft, right?)

Also: I'm really keen to find out if they used filters when filming. The lighting was so bright, pure and hopeful that I'd love to believe that it was 100% natural. But who knows, these days? At any rate, I'll be rewatching this a lot in 2006, I think.

I also did a bit of writing--mainly on my Authority fic (~600 words) and another paltry 100 words on a James/Lars fic. Hopefully I'll still be in a writing mood after seeing Kong tomorrow.

Finally: [ profile] yuletide boasts three half-decent Coupling (UK) stories this year, [ profile] rockfic! They can be found here. Oh, there's also quite a bit of Deadwood fic, but I've no idea if that's good or not.
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Yesterday Dave and I finally saw The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. (Admittedly, we were shooting for a 0930 showing, and made it there for 1615. Still, an improvement on previous attempts.)

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On the plus side, seeing the new LWW finally shook free a not-quite-drabble that I started a couple of weeks ago--all [ profile] glammetalkitten's fault. Frozen is a gen drabble that arose from my ponderings on what long-term effects the Witch's magic would have. Um, spoilers, I suppose? *looks at flist* I'd be shocked amazed if any of you lot hadn't read the book at least once.
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We saw Episode III this morning, and it was good! I must point out that I'm not a Star Wars fan, know next to nothing about the franchise. I went purely to keep Dave company but wound up enjoying the film too. No spoilers here and no proper review either :P Hayden Christiansen's (sp?) acting has improved muchly, alas, Natalie Portman's acting was dire. Cinematography was good. R2-D2 is my hero! Even though I was distressed to see an interview with him (Kenny Baker) in the Metro which suggested that him and C3-P0 weren't friends offscreen. Came straight home as (a) it was heaving in Leicester Square and (b) I was going purple....

Which leads us to the popcorn... I fancied some popcorn--I haven't had popcorn at the cinema since I saw ET, and in a fit of nostalgia said "Popcorn!" in a bright and perky way when Dave asked if I wanted anything. Big mistake. I spent ten minutes after the film was over coughing and gasping for breath as some of the unpopped outer shell of the popcorn got lodged in my throat. Apparently I went a fetching shade of purple. Darth Vader should endorse that sodding popcorn. Almost as lethal as his choke-thingie. (Yes, I don't know the proper name for the Sith move he does--Force Choke? I make it all up as I go along. Ask Dave about Bully Droids someday and see him laugh his ass off.)

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Looks like we have a fox problem round here. Our binbags were attacked again last night, but not dragged away this time. As our local authority doesn't provide wheely-bins and it's impossible to find a bin that will take more than two large bags, we'll now have to store the bags in the garage until bin-day rolls around on Friday. Joy.

Dave's just gone out to buy some pine, a saw, some nails, and some fine fabric to make mosquito/fly screens for the windows upstairs so that he can have the cooling goodness of a breeze, without me screaming about the huge fucking flies invading the house. I'll tolerate flies everywhere if I'm in Grenada or Barbados, but in the UK I'd rather swelter indoors with the windows shut. Yesterday, just as I was about to put my bare feet on the floor, I spotted a huge bumble-bee waddling across the carpet. I don't know why it wasn't flying--perhaps it suddenly realised that it wasn't aerodynamically possible for it to fly? I wouldn't survive more than half an hour in a rainforest....

The dishwasher is dead. I'll have to phone tomorrow (today is a Bank Holiday in the UK, so whilst plenty of shops are open, dishwasher service centers are shut) and beg for a service engineer to come round ASAP. Hopefully it'll just need a spare part. I don't fancy buying a new dishwasher so soon. It's only about 4 years old....

Knitting is going well. I've given in and started with a relatively simple top, rather than the gorgeous lacy tunic. Couldn't find any red yarn, so I've got a pale purple as you can never have too much purple clothing. So far, I've done about 2.5 inches.

Oh! I am also the proud recipient of a copy of National Treasure. A trashy movie, but it's one of Sean Bean's sexiest roles which lets me overlook the ridiculous plot and Nicholas Cage's presence.

I said this was random shit, didn't I? :)
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We saw the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy this afternoon. I'm giving it 6/10.

I don't think these are spoilers, but under a cut anyway )
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Saw Sahara last night at the cinema. I've long been a fan of Clive Cussler and his rollicking Dirk Pitt (yes, he does sound like a porn star) novels. Great summer reading, with plots as inticrate as Tom Clancy's efforts... but you don't need to haul out a copy of Jane's to understand what's going on. They're a bit Mary-Sueish, since like his hero, Clive has discovered lost ships, treasure, and has a massive collection of classic cars.

An aside--do other Clancy fans have to haul out gun manuals/listings and ask their husbands what sort of plane's being talked about, or is it just me? He throws in as much sodding detail as Anne Rice does! I keep threatening to write a reading guide for non-military Clancy readers.

Anyway, after spluttering a bit over the casting (Steve Zahn is NOT my idea of Al Giordino, but then again, how many squat actors with arms like an orangutang are there?), I actually enjoyed the movie. They've made a few changes. Inevitably. We can't have a marine engineer saving the world, can we? No, he has to be an ex-SEAL. As only ex-SEALs know how to fight *dramatic eye-rolling* Still, the door is open for future films and it's definitely better than the very dismal adaptation of Raise the Titanic from the early 80s. The action was great, and the plot wasn't raped too much to turn it into a movie. William H Macy was great as Admiral Sandecker and they kept the running joke about his cigars which made me smile.

BTW, Dave has been winding me up with comparisons to Indiana Jones. I must point out that the first Dirk Pitt novel was published in 1973, and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark was released in 1981. It's probably easier to think of it as a watery rendition of James Bond, without spy connections :D I believe that Clive wrote it to compete with James Bond anyway.

I have to be the world's worst reviewer, but if I as a screaming fangirl enjoyed it despite some dubious changes, then most folks should have fun at it :)
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Watched Fight Club last night, well most of it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I was impressed at how well Chuck Whatshisname's writing style translated over to the big screen. Now I know what all the fuss was about at the time!

Whilst watching it, I scribbled down a quick Lars-drabble. A little weird, but I think I like it. It started as notes for a hazing fic, and then I went off at a tangent for pages and pages. Need to type it up and see what it mutates into next. This might be the first WIP I offer up for concrit over at the RWG. In further attempts at procrastination, I'm working on a Foo Fighters story... one day I will finish Wild Things. Just, not today.

I should really go and do some housework now.
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God... the teenage vic (Abby) in Elektra is the most irritating kid ever. She's everything that's wrong with teenagers. Blech. (I know she's supposed to be irritating, but she's beyond merely irritating!)

In more positive news, I've finished my Seduction of a Straight Man challenge fic. Now all I have to do is wait until the 26th and post it. *drums fingers on the desk* Absolutely no idea what I'm writing next, although after watching this film it's likely to be something involving very sharp knives. Or... femmeslash. Elektra/Typhoid Mary, anyone?
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We saw Constantine this morning. Now, before [ profile] madandy scratches my eyes out... I should point out that I've only read one Hellblazer graphic novel :P It was okaaaay, I guess. But even from the little I've read, it was clear that they'd raped the canon extensively. And poor Rachel Weiss--her attempt at an American accent was horrible. I hope they don't do a sequel... (unless they stick a Brit in the lead-role and do it properly). Still, the effects were good and I didn't scream or hide too much at the actual film. The trailers beforehand were horrible. I shan't be watching The Cave or The Amityville Horror, or indeed whatever film it was where everything was made from wax. Is it too much to hope that people won't stick a bunch of needles in trailers?

Andy had a look over my challenge fic today, and I'm feeling much more positive about it now. It almost works as it currently stands, but I've thought of a few additions which should perk it up even more :D Thank fuck for that, I was about to bin the damn thing.

Aside from going to the cinema and doing a little writing, today has been mostly been a cooking day. Have just popped some stuffed peppers into the oven, and either later on, or tomorrow, I'll be baking Makowiec, a Polish poppy seed cake. I buy one every so often from the local deli and while they're good, they've been going downhill recently. Hence me attempting it myself. If I make another one, then I'll have to invest in a poppy seed mill--I've spent all afternoon grinding seeds. The food processor can't cope with them, and a mortar and pestle isn't much better. Still, it smells good so far!


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