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Birthdate:Jan 26
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm a writer, cook, baker, elitist bitch and a wife. As of October 2006 I am Lucas' mummy, too! (The snark still lives within me, though.)

If I've friended you, then I either know you, or I'm a fan of your fanfic, or maybe I just think that you're really cool :) Feel free to friend me, I don't bite unless asked very nicely.

This livejournal may contain adult and homoerotic content and as such, is unsuitable for minors. (Really, do I have anything in common with kids these days anyway? Why on earth would you be reading me? Oh. Porn. Right.) If you're under 18, then please, don't tell me about it. In fact, I should probably tell you to go away. So, shoo!

I write RPS and FPS. The majority of my RPS is posted at (username = Allana), and there's a couple of bits and bobs over at [info]ang_writes. Rockfic membership is free, so sign yourself up an account today! I've recently branched out into FPS, and have written in the DC comics, Scrubs, The Faculty, and The Chronicles of Narnia fandoms. Check my memories for those, if you're interested. Currently lurking lots in J2/Supernatural fandoms as well as Metallica RPS!

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