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This is just the perfect birthday!

Discovery is showing a docudrama just now about a mega flood in London. I adore disaster films and have a particular fondness--as well as a healthy respect for the distinct possibility--for storm surges. Yeah, I'm weird. I also discovered that there's a TV movie (or mini) being made on the same subject with both Robert Carlyle and David Suchet. It's like TV knows it's my birthday :D

I have loads of lovely and thoughtful presents, particular highlights being the complete Poirot DVD collection, an immense bouquet of lilies which almost match my tattoo, and Lucas bought me a model of a Morgan Aero 8 (the world's sexiest car!) as well as drawing me his first picture ever! Dave's worked his ass off to make this the best birthday ever--thank-you baby!

We're off out for a birthday dinner tomorrow night with a bunch of our friends and I am so looking forward to it. Alas, my tattoo is very scabby so I probably won't show it off until its finished and healed. Sorry, guys!
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Phew, it's been a bit of a busy day here!

I got up--for the first time--with a steady stream of mumblings and grumblings, at 5.05am to feed Lucas. I've been spoilt recently as he's slept through until 8am for a couple of nights, which made today a real shock to the system. Mercifully Lucas dropped off again quite quickly and I managed to sleep until 8.45.

Alas this meant that I had to run around madly to try and make the house less of a tip before [ profile] kitty_vic and Skye arrived. Skye always loves coming over as our house is probably the least baby-proofed house on the planet and there's always something incredibly inappropriate to play with, but today I did manage to remember to put the Incredibly Sharp Scissors of Doom somewhere safe before she arrived. Good fun was had by all and Lucas got lots of kisses :)

This afternoon I went out on my own--such a treat, thanks Dave!--to a baby first aid course at the doctor's surgery. Apparently St Johns Ambulance Brigade do occasional free courses as charity-work or something. At any rate, it was free and my first aid courses are well out-dated and mostly forgotten, so I was pleased to be offered it. So I now know what to do if the worst happens but I'll have to use my common sense where cuts and bruises are concerned ;) I bought a first aid kit so I'm ready for Lucas to graze his knee for the first time....

Tonight I'm fulfilling one of my New Year's resolutions and cooking dinner again. I did Spinach and Garlic pilaf last night and tonight we're having Vietnamese-spiced Pork Steaks with Spring Onion Rice. Unfortunately my meal-planning skills went out of the window this week, so we're having rice with tomorrow's dinner too. Whoops! I have to admit that I really enjoyed cooking again and it was so good to eat proper food again instead of ready-meals. I've started back at Weight Watchers so proper dinners are a necessity if I'm going to shift all this flab.
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* Sunday's party was awesome! I'm really glad that we decided to throw one, even if I am now completely knackered. It may take me the rest of the week to recover. Still, I'm bloody impressed that my legs haven't fallen off after all the dancing that I did. Photos can be found at Dave's flickr for anyone who's interested. Those of you who couldn't make it--you missed out on a great evening!!

* I'm having a growth scan on Friday as the midwife reckons Speck is measuring too big. Currently I'm measuring six weeks ahead which isn't great. It could just be that she hasn't taken my flabby belly into account--although, I'm hard pressed to see how she could miss it--or he really could be big. If he is, then early induction or c/s (depending on position) will be the order of the day. I'm not thrilled about any of this.

* Back in February a girl I vaguely knew from a couple of cross stitch communities died suddenly. I only found out about this in May and it's preyed on my mind ever since. She got married the day before Dave and I did and she seemed like such a lovely, happy person from the few PMs we exchanged. I've been feeling a bit perturbed at her husband's decision to completely move on with his life as it seemed he just wanted to forget he'd ever been married, and that just didn't jive with the mental picture I had of them.

Tonight I discovered that she committed suicide due to depression about her infertility. That would explain why no one ever answered other queries about what happened....

So, now I feel bad about being judgemental and also for thinking that if Dave and I hadn't propped up each other and talked loads about our fertility woes, that I could have landed up in a depressive state, too. Oh, I don't know *flails hands* At least I now know a basic cause of death and maybe I can stop thinking about her. She was only a couple of months younger than me, too. I guess it's also another reminder that we only show others what we want them to see. I'd be willing to bet that very, very few people knew her as anything other than sparkly! happy! happy!

It's weird how I didn't know her at all, but she's under my skin so much. Can I blame this on hormones? (They're jolly useful little buggers.)

* Skipped out of our antenatal class last week as I couldn't face an inept discussion about birth complications etc. I'll be flying solo at tomorrow's session on breastfeeding and I'm dreading it. Oh well, maybe I'll learn something and I can always run away if I'm unhappy/uncomfortable. I'll have to leave early if I'm going to have any hope of parking easily :(

* I'm sure there was more, but my mind is a sieve tonight.
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Photos from our trip to Devon can be found here:

We had an amazing time and I'd thoroughly recommend Coombe House Hotel on many, many levels. I had two wonderful nights' sleep there, which is worth more than diamonds to me right now. (Of course, if anyone was to offer me a diamond or two, I wouldn't complain about that either. I believe that they're traditional after giving birth....) where was I? Ah yes, fabulous food. The menu is deceptive in its simplicity and brevity which left us initially feeling diappointed, but when the food arrived... wow.

Everything was prepared and cooked perfectly. I've eaten a lot of scallops in my time and the ones I had on Tuesday evening were the juciest and sweetest ever. Dave fell in love with his duck and fois gras terrine and luckily for him, I was too busy swooning over my scallops to make puppy-dog eyes at his plate. (I look forward to devouring fois gras, pate, mouldy cheeses, home-made ice-cream etc etc when I'm no longer pregnant. I would kill for some Stilton right now.)

The foodie highlight for me was the Chocolate Mousse with frozen raspberries and hot white chocolate sauce. Aside from the beautiful presentation--how exactly do other food bloggers manage to take photos in restaurants? It would feel so awkward to have a camera on the table--the mousse had the most amazing texture and the hot/cold combination of raspberries and sauce was sublime.

Breakfast was pretty damn good, too. Porridge with thick Devon cream and maple syrup is the way forward. I've never been the sort of Scot who demands porridge cooked with nowt other than a hefty pinch of salt, so I thoroughly approve of any sweet combinations for it. Treacle instead of maple syrup would perhaps have been more British though.

We did some touristy things in Totnes and Dave got very excited over the Arcturus Centre--geeky Simpsons moment, I'm told--before driving around the edge of Dartmoor. Alas, I fell asleep before we got to the really wild bits so I missed out on some great scenery. No matter, I'm sure we'll have plenty more holidays in this area while Speck is growing up :)

I'm sure that I've forgotten loads. I know I haven't talked about the horses but the photos Dave took of them are better than any babbling from me. Or the bees from the hotel beehives. (If anyone knows why bees like to sit on cars then please do let me know. Getting in and out of the car became very scary...)

We had a fantastic time and I'd definitely go back!
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I've just done my first solo-with-car trip to the supermarket. I managed to park neatly there and outside the house, too, so I'm very proud of myself.

My trip was in aid of making a summery trifle for Chris and Vicky's 10th anniversary party on Saturday. After much debate and discussion with my fellow trifle-lovers [ profile] glammetalkitten and [ profile] rockfic, I'm going to do layers of lemon curd, custard, booze-soaked cake, blueberry/raspberry/strawberry and finish off with a mound of whipped cream on top.

If I had any energy or nerves left, I'd go make the lemon curd just now while Dave's out babysitting. (Our almost-niece was wide-awake and determined not to sleep when we arrived earlier on and she's still awake and demanding more stories and songs from Dave five hours later. He won't be eating any dinner at this rate.)

Trifle preparation shall commence bright and early tomorrow morning, I think. Must remember to get Dave to lift down the bowl....
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I keep forgetting to post about the rest of our weekend. My mind has been eaten by the excitement of driving!

It's been a busy old weekend. On Saturday as well as putting together furniture we had friends over for dinner. I can't remember the last time I did a dinner party so it was a bit nerve-wracking, especially as Tracy is a born housewife and I'm not. So, lots of cleaning while Dave was busy constructing and then some slaving over a hot stove. (I still feel guilty for standing in front of a hot oven for so long. I didn't notice how hot my bump was getting.) It turned out to be a great night and I'm feeling quite enthusiastic about cooking again. We'll see how long that lasts....

Today Dave started chopping away the hedge which runs down one side of our property. The master plan is to rip it all out--hopefully saving the quince tree, which could use some TLC and decent soil--and replace it with picket fencing. That should give us an extra foot of driveway which will make it much easier for me to reverse in and also it will be easier for us to get the carseat into the car.

We also took our niece to the park for an hour or so before heading over to the IL's for a family/birthday BBQ. And then I had my big driving adventure :)
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Making icing on a hot day is like swimming upstream.

I am hoping that it will set up in the fridge but as I am using evil soya margarine I have no idea how it will behave. The original recipe using butter would have been fine, I think. This is very nerve-wracking.

We have to go and pick up C before the party and I am dreading driving around Bristol with a chocolate cake on my lap!! I may wear a binliner until we get to the party and the cake becomes someone else's problem.

Also. Am having weirdness with my left leg. Periodically the front--from the top of the thigh to the knee--goes numb when I've been standing up for a while. It goes away within a couple of minutes of me sitting down. According to Google this is relatively normal and is either the weight of the uterus pressing on nerves or sciatica. Definitely something to mention when I'm at the consultants on Friday, although since it's driving me mad I might try and see the GP about it.
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And actually had a really, really good time.  Got very drunk, met up with some of the guys I used to work with when I originally worked for AOL, and some of the guys who were my customers when I looked after AOL.  Got drunkenly asked to write some comic scripts by Gar, although, from the sounds of it, he asked everyone he spoke to ;)  Huge amounts of hugs and kudos, so my ego is appropiately stoked and validated.  Quite nice food, great venue (I really want to know what went into the blue champagne thing I drank lots of ), and OMG!  The hotel room suite!  Gorgeous, and with a great view of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. 

My feet are killing me, and my voice has just... gone from all the shouting over the band. 

I had a fantastic time, as did Dave, and I think that they're going to make it an annual thing which would rock!


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