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Well, pear puree was a complete success! Lucas wolfed down just under half a pear (despite it not being completely ripe) and had all his milk, too. Best of all, he grabbed the spoon and shoved it into his mouth and licked puree off his fingers too :D Not sure I'll bother following the weaning schedules too slavishly; I can't bear the thought of giving him baby rice tomorrow after seeing how much he enjoyed the pear. I wouldn't eat baby rice, so why on earth should I make him eat the horrid stuff?

I'm also contemplating reducing the amount of milk he has at his 11pm feed. We usually have to wake him up for it, and he rarely takes a full bottle.... I could probably drop it completely but since we've just started weaning and tooth-brushing I don't fancy overloading him with completely new things. Speaking of teeth, he has two now, and I'm supposed to be starting him off on a sippy cup to protect them from decay. Happily the Avent magic cup spouts can be used with the normal bottles as well as the snazzy beakers, so we can save some money there.

My little boy is growing up!!
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Lucas just rolled onto his tummy! Twice!

A few mummy-tears were shed :)
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What I like best about midnight feeds, by Ang (aged 29 and 11/12ths).

Sleepy smiles (turning brighter when a bottle comes into view)
The amusing uhhh-gulp-mmmuhhh sounds he makes when he's just starting feeding
The aggrieved grumble-snort-burp combination when I dare to attempt burping
Almost-kisses on my neck
The feel of a tiny, trusting human just melting against me after the burps come out
The way a pair of arms sneak round my neck for one last cuddle when I'm putting him back to bed
The endless optimism that he'll sleep till 8am....
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Phew, it's been a bit of a busy day here!

I got up--for the first time--with a steady stream of mumblings and grumblings, at 5.05am to feed Lucas. I've been spoilt recently as he's slept through until 8am for a couple of nights, which made today a real shock to the system. Mercifully Lucas dropped off again quite quickly and I managed to sleep until 8.45.

Alas this meant that I had to run around madly to try and make the house less of a tip before [ profile] kitty_vic and Skye arrived. Skye always loves coming over as our house is probably the least baby-proofed house on the planet and there's always something incredibly inappropriate to play with, but today I did manage to remember to put the Incredibly Sharp Scissors of Doom somewhere safe before she arrived. Good fun was had by all and Lucas got lots of kisses :)

This afternoon I went out on my own--such a treat, thanks Dave!--to a baby first aid course at the doctor's surgery. Apparently St Johns Ambulance Brigade do occasional free courses as charity-work or something. At any rate, it was free and my first aid courses are well out-dated and mostly forgotten, so I was pleased to be offered it. So I now know what to do if the worst happens but I'll have to use my common sense where cuts and bruises are concerned ;) I bought a first aid kit so I'm ready for Lucas to graze his knee for the first time....

Tonight I'm fulfilling one of my New Year's resolutions and cooking dinner again. I did Spinach and Garlic pilaf last night and tonight we're having Vietnamese-spiced Pork Steaks with Spring Onion Rice. Unfortunately my meal-planning skills went out of the window this week, so we're having rice with tomorrow's dinner too. Whoops! I have to admit that I really enjoyed cooking again and it was so good to eat proper food again instead of ready-meals. I've started back at Weight Watchers so proper dinners are a necessity if I'm going to shift all this flab.

War wounds

Nov. 13th, 2006 03:17 am
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Over-tired flailing baby + sleepy mummy + watch inadvertently left on = sliced open nipple

If this is a taste of what piercing pain would feel like, then I might just stick to ink instead. Worst thing is... in three hours or so, he's going to want to be fed from that side. Did I mention that he has a suck like a vaccuum cleaner??

(I may be in the market for a leather-strap watch rather than waterproof sports nylon stuff.)

And as I type, he's lovingly scratching away at my carotid. I've pointed out on several occasions that assasinating mummy will stop lovely milk, but clearly I watched too much Family Guy while pregnant and he's now emulating Stewie. Yay.
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While I'm still awake (why did I drink Pepsi??), here are some fringe benefits of having a baby:

* I am now hard as nails. Pain? Does it even approach squeezing a baby out? No? Say "Ouch" and move on
* Needle phobia is a thing of the past! Remembering to inject is a different kettle of fish though
* I get muchos respect every time people ask about the birth. This cheers me up, especially when my eardrums are still ringing from Lucas screaming
* My breasts have developed their own gravitational field. Each morning I expect to wake up and find orbital bodies zinging around them. (This only counts as a benefit as it distracts 99% of people from my jelly belly.)
* I had a 9lb 7oz baby and immediately dropped 18lb after giving birth. Over the last 4-5 days I've dropped another 6lb and I'm now down to my lowest weight in well over three years! (I should point out that I gained a paltry 2lb in pregnancy. I'm weird.)

Slight side effects of having a baby:

* Swelling where you really don't want swelling (I recommend Arnica for such woes)
* Red zebra stripes on nipples
* Consistently forgetting which is left and which is right through extreme tiredness--this could make driving fun
* Eardrums ringing from horrendous screaming
* Trying to feed a hungry baby at 3am when you only just finished the last feed at 2.15am
* Being pooed on
* Being puked on
* Mistaking baby-about-to-pee for a baby erection--why else would a penis rise, I ask you?--and seeing a huge fountain of wee arc into the air and splashdown everywhere
* Constantly changing clothes and doing laundry
* Forgetting to eat
* Sleep deprivation
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Newborn baby + really loud fireworks = Unhappy mother & baby combo.

I know fireworks are allegedly loads of fun--I beg to differ, but each to their own etc--but setting off huge ones--easily mistaken for mortars--at 2300 just isn't on. Have a bit of fucking consideration, why don't you?

It's like Little Beiruit out there and I'm supposed to be up and driving at some godforsaken hour of the morning (1030 seems faintly ridiculous these days since I'll have been up for hours by then)....

On the plus side, our all-new dim bedroom seems to suit Lucas. Thanks Kna!
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Thank-you all for your lovely comments!

TMI, baby stuff )

Baby Pics!

Oct. 23rd, 2006 02:01 pm
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Put up some early shots at

Have fun.


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