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Sweet zombie Jesus!

I wrote. Not only that... I got an idea, mulled it over and finished it in the same sitting, and apparently it doesn't suck! I swear I'm going to kidnap [ profile] evaine and keep her in my living room. She's good for me!

Definitely worth staying up late for :D
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I hung up my editor's hat yesterday. It's on the peg right next to my long-discarded writer's hat.

When you've stared at a paragraph for days upon days upon days and not been able to offer anything constructive, yet come back the next day to find typos/missing words/whatever... it's time to give up. There's always a nagging feeling that I'm missing something, too.

So, I'm terribly sorry if anyone was writing anything with a view to having me look at it. I'll either take an eternity, leaving you to wonder if it really is awful or not do a good job.

Last one out, turn off the lights.
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I really want to do some writing today, but my brain is not cooperating.


In good news, I finally got the results of my glucose tolerance test. Fasting level of 5.1 and post-lucozade level of 5.0. It seems that my body can efficiently process glucose, so no diabetes for me! This is a particular relief as I didn't fancy trying to accomodate a changed/complicated diet with our weekend away or having to inflict further injections on myself.
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My 20 week scan date finally came through on Friday. It's on the 2nd of June when I will-amazingly enough--actually be 20 weeks. Hopefully Speck is as ridiculously healthy as Dave is and not sickly and broken like mummy. I'm looking forward to starting to buy little bits and bobs. I do worry that I'll have Speck and not have anywhere for him/her to sleep....

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This post brought to you by [ profile] glammetalkitten's attempt to wake up her flist ;)

I dragged myself to the dentists this morning and apparently my sore wisdom teeth of last week were caused by gum inflammation rather than any horrid abcesses. Other than that, my teeth are in great shape, which is a huge surprise! I had visions of being toothless and gummy--I think it's fair to say that I overreact to thoughts of dentists, which is odd as I grew up with a really lovely dentist.

Other than that, there's nothing exciting in the world of Ang. I'm hugely disappointed by the recent photos for the X3 movie--why is Juggernaught wandering around without his helmet in every picture? The whole of the Brotherhood looks awful, actually. Oh, I'm pretty close to finishing a rather short J/J story--it should go off to beta this weekend if I get inspired and fix the two paragraphs that I hate :) I suppose that's vaguely exciting....
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Wow. I've pretty much just written a story in one day. Hellishly rough, but it's all there. (Presuming I can read my handwriting when I wake up--this baby's written on the back of shopping lists, receipts and bus tickets as well as a notebook.)

Don't get too excited, though, folks. It's Stephanie Plum (Janet Evanovich) fanfic--Morelli/Ranger, to be precise--for the [ profile] yuletide New Years Resolutions Challenge and I really need to go and skim at least one book before I start typing it up. [ profile] evaine, [ profile] rockfic: either of you a fan?

Anyway. It's now a whole 46 minutes into my birthday, so I'm going to head off to bed and snuggle my dead-to-the-world but very much alive husband. (Op went well, btw. He'll probably have a middling-large scar, but it'll be a neat one--very clean incision. He's bring a surprisingly good patient and is currently sacked out on a good dose of codeine.)

I can take time to freak out about being old when I wake up :P
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Title: Obscene
Author: [ profile] glam_ang
Fandom: LotR RPS
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: PG?
Word count: 100
Summary: Dom, Billy and a lollipop.
Notes: This is all [ profile] feelforfaith's fault, you know. Editing her stories reawakened my love for Dom and then she sent me this picture and I just had to write something.

Obscene )
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3280 words and a helluva lot of teenage-style angst later, I've finished my first foray into DC comics slash. Phew! It's not bad, if I do say so myself, but I'll see what the betas make of it.

Next up is a James/Lars story which is about three-quarters finished. I've been promising [ profile] evaine that I'd finish it for ages, and now I shall! I should probably get back to [ profile] fanfic100 at some point, too, and I can't remember the last time I opened my NaNo novel....

Maybe all this mental activity will attract some new plot bunnies, too?
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Yesterday Dave and I finally saw The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. (Admittedly, we were shooting for a 0930 showing, and made it there for 1615. Still, an improvement on previous attempts.)

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On the plus side, seeing the new LWW finally shook free a not-quite-drabble that I started a couple of weeks ago--all [ profile] glammetalkitten's fault. Frozen is a gen drabble that arose from my ponderings on what long-term effects the Witch's magic would have. Um, spoilers, I suppose? *looks at flist* I'd be shocked amazed if any of you lot hadn't read the book at least once.
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* Just posted the new chapter of Fire and Ice. It's a shade over 2100 words, which is a mere drop in the ocean compared to some folks, but it's all it truly needed. (And this is me trying to be wordy!)

* I have ideas for the final chapter of F&I thankfully. Maybe this one won't take the best part of a month to come up with. I loathe third chapters, they're always so fucking awkward.

* As I suspected, my grand plans to write 1000 words a day have rather fallen by the wayside. There was one glorious day this week, however, when I wrote 1200 on an original story which might manage to expand itself to novella size. There certainly is potential. And one of the characters has turned out to be an unholy mixture of Justin (from QAF US) and our very own [ profile] hanks_lil_pit. It's an... interesting combination to say the least!

* I have a hutch full of plot bunnies which are bouncing up and down, clamouring to be written. I'm going to ignore them for a little bit longer while I try and finish this damn story. The latest contestant in the hutch is a Nightwing/Robin (Bat-verse) bunny. I'm concerned that it might get ultraviolent with the other bunnies... I may have to measure them up for body-armour.
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Sweet zombie Jesus! I've woken up to find that I now have a whole twelve reviews for Fire and Ice. Either I've improved, or people really, really like Jerry. It's a shame that he'll have a tragic accident. Blimey. I'm grinning from ear to ear :)

I stayed up very, very late chatting with Fiendy and Lia. And of course, woke up early. My circadian rhythms are not very rhythmic at the moment. Still... I finished one scene that I'd been trying desperately to find words for, which brings me up to 1725 words, with still more to go. My worries about this being a short chapter seem to be behind me now. I just jinxed myself, huh?

I think I'll curl up on the sofa and try to write a deliciously awkward conversation now.
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We saw Episode III this morning, and it was good! I must point out that I'm not a Star Wars fan, know next to nothing about the franchise. I went purely to keep Dave company but wound up enjoying the film too. No spoilers here and no proper review either :P Hayden Christiansen's (sp?) acting has improved muchly, alas, Natalie Portman's acting was dire. Cinematography was good. R2-D2 is my hero! Even though I was distressed to see an interview with him (Kenny Baker) in the Metro which suggested that him and C3-P0 weren't friends offscreen. Came straight home as (a) it was heaving in Leicester Square and (b) I was going purple....

Which leads us to the popcorn... I fancied some popcorn--I haven't had popcorn at the cinema since I saw ET, and in a fit of nostalgia said "Popcorn!" in a bright and perky way when Dave asked if I wanted anything. Big mistake. I spent ten minutes after the film was over coughing and gasping for breath as some of the unpopped outer shell of the popcorn got lodged in my throat. Apparently I went a fetching shade of purple. Darth Vader should endorse that sodding popcorn. Almost as lethal as his choke-thingie. (Yes, I don't know the proper name for the Sith move he does--Force Choke? I make it all up as I go along. Ask Dave about Bully Droids someday and see him laugh his ass off.)

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Okay. We write RPS. We're already considered the lowest of the low in some eyes. Do we really need to compound matters by using sloppy writing habits?

I'll concede that some readers may read a Metallica slash fic without much idea of what characters look like, but in a multi-chapter story you don't need to continually give descriptions of the characters looks or their role in the band. I can just about deal with it in chapter one, but when it persists to the end of chapter two... I get somewhat cranky. Which means, dear crap-author, that you can dispense with shit like this:

James turned and looked down into the almost black eyes staring back at him. "Show you. I can do that." He leaned down and pressed his lips against the dark-skinned man's gently.

A few lines later "dark-skinned man" is repeated. Personally, I've never found Kirk to be that dark skinned, but that's probably just me. Throughout this fic, it's peppered with "the tall man", "the guitarist", "the small drummer" and so forth. You could halve instances of this jarring nonsense by actually using the characters names. Why do people hate using character names so much? Outside of dialogue, there's nothing wrong with it. (My problems with names in dialogue are this: I don't know anyone who continually uses their significant other's name when talking with them.)

Also, [ profile] madandy pointed me towards this gem: The noble profile upturned, long eyelashes covering the light blue eyes, and golden mane flowing next to his toned arms, newly bronzed by the Florida sun. Noble profile, eh? In a rockstar? It sounds more like a sodding lion.

This rant was brought to you by some bad chocolate beer, which didn't have even the vaguest hint of chocolate in taste or aroma. I suspect a bar of chocolate was simply waved past a vat of beer....
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Watched Fight Club last night, well most of it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I was impressed at how well Chuck Whatshisname's writing style translated over to the big screen. Now I know what all the fuss was about at the time!

Whilst watching it, I scribbled down a quick Lars-drabble. A little weird, but I think I like it. It started as notes for a hazing fic, and then I went off at a tangent for pages and pages. Need to type it up and see what it mutates into next. This might be the first WIP I offer up for concrit over at the RWG. In further attempts at procrastination, I'm working on a Foo Fighters story... one day I will finish Wild Things. Just, not today.

I should really go and do some housework now.
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God... the teenage vic (Abby) in Elektra is the most irritating kid ever. She's everything that's wrong with teenagers. Blech. (I know she's supposed to be irritating, but she's beyond merely irritating!)

In more positive news, I've finished my Seduction of a Straight Man challenge fic. Now all I have to do is wait until the 26th and post it. *drums fingers on the desk* Absolutely no idea what I'm writing next, although after watching this film it's likely to be something involving very sharp knives. Or... femmeslash. Elektra/Typhoid Mary, anyone?
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We saw Constantine this morning. Now, before [ profile] madandy scratches my eyes out... I should point out that I've only read one Hellblazer graphic novel :P It was okaaaay, I guess. But even from the little I've read, it was clear that they'd raped the canon extensively. And poor Rachel Weiss--her attempt at an American accent was horrible. I hope they don't do a sequel... (unless they stick a Brit in the lead-role and do it properly). Still, the effects were good and I didn't scream or hide too much at the actual film. The trailers beforehand were horrible. I shan't be watching The Cave or The Amityville Horror, or indeed whatever film it was where everything was made from wax. Is it too much to hope that people won't stick a bunch of needles in trailers?

Andy had a look over my challenge fic today, and I'm feeling much more positive about it now. It almost works as it currently stands, but I've thought of a few additions which should perk it up even more :D Thank fuck for that, I was about to bin the damn thing.

Aside from going to the cinema and doing a little writing, today has been mostly been a cooking day. Have just popped some stuffed peppers into the oven, and either later on, or tomorrow, I'll be baking Makowiec, a Polish poppy seed cake. I buy one every so often from the local deli and while they're good, they've been going downhill recently. Hence me attempting it myself. If I make another one, then I'll have to invest in a poppy seed mill--I've spent all afternoon grinding seeds. The food processor can't cope with them, and a mortar and pestle isn't much better. Still, it smells good so far!
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My challenge fic has stalled. I should really write a straight story first, then mess around with stylistic stuff. All the good stuff's bogged down in the mire. Gah. However! Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, my first foray into The Authority fandom--albeit a crossover with The Bach Tight Five--is coming along quite nicely. It's up to 1000 words and as soon as I figure out why Roughdraft is putting in 1.5 line spacing, everything will be marvellous.

Apart from that, there's nothing new in the World of Ang. Just pootling along as normal!
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Why didn't I see this earlier? It would have been fun to expand Midsummer Madness (adult themes, RPS, over 18s only etc) to fully meet the submission criteria. *gnashes teeth* On the other hand, it should be a fun collection of stories to read... despite Cassandra Claire having sold a story to it. Yes, she of Fandom_Wank fame.

In other news, Semagic is my new best friend.


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