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Sometimes I think I watch far too much TV.

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If today's rain was eligible for a school report card, I'm pretty sure that it would say:

Rain consistently fails to apply itself correctly. Must try harder.

I have a feeling that the evening will be even more humid as we're simply not getting enough rain to drop the air temperature. Still, Dave's had the bright idea of taking me and Speck to the cinema so that we can cool off before bedtime. I'll watch any old tosh in the name of arctic blasts of air-conditioning and icy bottles of water....

ETA for the UK folks: I see that Supernova is going to be showing over here under the name "Tommy Lee's Rockstar: Supernova". (One would surely think that Jason was a bigger star?) It's on Sky One, starting sometime this month. I'll have to remember to set TVDrive to record it :)
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First of all there was "99 Stupid Injuries" which came on just as I was about to eat dinner. After seeing a couple of nails stuck through skulls I turned over.

*If I could imitate the sound our TV makes I'd insert the cool sound here. But I can't, so you get this drivel.*

Smallpox bioterrorism docudrama. Fine, I thought, until they showed historical footage of horrendous untreated smallpox cases. I'd be rivetted at any other point in my life, but all I can do is sit and imagine Speck covered in pustules and screaming soundlessly. I pick up the remote again.

BBC News 24. Utterly boring but safe. I proceed to very slowly finish dinner--one of my favourite meals ordinarily but tonight? Overloaded with chilli and my mouth now hates me. Woe.

After consulting Digiguide, there is absolutely nothing I want to watch on TV at this point. I end up watching football and giving my usual vague delayed-reaction commentary to Dave, who is in London. "There's a man. He tried to score, but the goalkeeper huddled over it, so he couldn't. He looks pissed off. No, I have no idea what the number is. Oh, he was in yellow."

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From the sounds of things, two birds have taken up residence either under the eaves, on the edge of the roof, or inside the roof. Wherever they are, they're incredibly noisy and I wish they'd go away. (They've been there since about 7am--don't birds have lots of flying around to do?) Even Motorhead isn't shifting them :(

In other news, we may actually get to move house this month. I sincerely hope so as I'm getting twitchy and miserable about the whole thing. I hate having to chase people for information and never getting a satisfactory amount of it, either. Hopefully this debacle leaves us enough time to book the movers.

In other-other news, I'm about to head off for a midwife's appointment. If I'm lucky, I'll manage to avoid having blood taken again and I should get to hear the heart beat. I have a slew of questions for the poor woman so I hope she's having a good lunch :P

In otherx3 news, we finished Lost on Saturday night. Excellent stuff! I'm now champing at the bit for season two which has just started in the UK.
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We started watching season one of Lost last night. I know, I know... we must be the last people in the whole, wide Internet to not have seen it, but it was absolutely worth the wait.

I am hooked and bursting with tons of crazy theories. I'm a bit miffed that they're focusing on everyone's stories before the crash more than what's happening on the island just now, though, and I dread seeing the Korean couple's story. (I really loathe that man.)

On a more prosaic note, I really want to holiday in Hawaii now.
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We saw Episode III this morning, and it was good! I must point out that I'm not a Star Wars fan, know next to nothing about the franchise. I went purely to keep Dave company but wound up enjoying the film too. No spoilers here and no proper review either :P Hayden Christiansen's (sp?) acting has improved muchly, alas, Natalie Portman's acting was dire. Cinematography was good. R2-D2 is my hero! Even though I was distressed to see an interview with him (Kenny Baker) in the Metro which suggested that him and C3-P0 weren't friends offscreen. Came straight home as (a) it was heaving in Leicester Square and (b) I was going purple....

Which leads us to the popcorn... I fancied some popcorn--I haven't had popcorn at the cinema since I saw ET, and in a fit of nostalgia said "Popcorn!" in a bright and perky way when Dave asked if I wanted anything. Big mistake. I spent ten minutes after the film was over coughing and gasping for breath as some of the unpopped outer shell of the popcorn got lodged in my throat. Apparently I went a fetching shade of purple. Darth Vader should endorse that sodding popcorn. Almost as lethal as his choke-thingie. (Yes, I don't know the proper name for the Sith move he does--Force Choke? I make it all up as I go along. Ask Dave about Bully Droids someday and see him laugh his ass off.)

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Christopher Ecclestone has quit as Doctor Who. Already. Only one episode's been aired. They've already announced that the second series has been comissioned. This is insane. He chased the role, emailed the writer and asked to be considered. And now he fears being type-cast.

Bloody hellfire.

Doctor Who

Mar. 26th, 2005 07:47 pm
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OMG OMG OMG!!! It was fantastic! And the Autons!! Christopher Ecclestone was awesome; as mercurial as Patrick Troughton, as energetic as Jon Pertwee and deliciously alien. Billie Piper was surprisingly good. As long as she doesn't break into song, I'll be happy. They've made her character intelligent; by far the most intelligent companion so far. Great cinematography too.

I'm really looking forward to the next episode now. Must go and rewatch the first Auton episodes now!!!

ETA. Great sfx, nice to see more location work, the Autons were fab, loved the champagne cork bit. It was all just fab! The Doctor is now sexy too, which is a little odd, but can't complain ;)


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