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Colour me surprised! The aircon guy actually turned up!

If the quote is favourable then we could get the units installed as early as Monday :) Of course, this will be the cue for the weather to suddenly move into Winter.
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If today's rain was eligible for a school report card, I'm pretty sure that it would say:

Rain consistently fails to apply itself correctly. Must try harder.

I have a feeling that the evening will be even more humid as we're simply not getting enough rain to drop the air temperature. Still, Dave's had the bright idea of taking me and Speck to the cinema so that we can cool off before bedtime. I'll watch any old tosh in the name of arctic blasts of air-conditioning and icy bottles of water....

ETA for the UK folks: I see that Supernova is going to be showing over here under the name "Tommy Lee's Rockstar: Supernova". (One would surely think that Jason was a bigger star?) It's on Sky One, starting sometime this month. I'll have to remember to set TVDrive to record it :)
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I have a floater in my eye. It's exactly like one of those bouncing dots you get at karaoke--it's happily running along every word I read--except it's gray and not a lurid red. On the plus side, at least this puts paid to Dave's theory that I don't see half of the words on a page when I'm speed-reading.

In other news: it snowed overnight. It's still trying to snow just now but it's just the occasional flake. The forecast is for sleet this morning and snow this afternoon. Lovely. Damn those Scandinavian winds!


Apr. 8th, 2005 07:53 pm
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Snow in April? Wow!


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