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OMG!  Why didn't I think of this before?  Look what I just found, Heather: [ profile] theauthority

With stories (although, I haven't actually vetted them) and icons, and discussion that appears to still be alive!  Well, I guess I'll spend the afternoon trawling through that.  It'll make for a nice way to procrastinate... I should, of course, be finishing off a bunch of stories.  But this is way better than writing either awkward or het sex :P  I also found the Authority stories which disappeared when the hispeed archive died.  Yay! 

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Well, I've somehow managed to exceed my 6GB data transfer limit on my blog. Whoops. I'm getting an astonishing number of hits, even though I haven't updated in a while. Hrm. My nasty suspicious little mind is thinking that it's possibly malicious, but I can't quite see a pattern. I don't know if I can be arsed buying any more bandwidth for the month. It's what, the 19th? Less than 10 days till the month's over and the bandwidth gets reset.

Me and a bottle of wine stayed up until 5am... I'll have to note down the label; it was great company ;) Had a great chat with Heather about doing a Metallica/Authority XO (I took notes H!). Alas, we would be the only people who would read it as the fandom seems to be completely dead. It would still kick ass though. Maybe one day....

I've also been working on a very silly little short story. Original, non-rockfic, non-sexual, but still fun (yes, tis possible!). Fracture, the last part of Manipulation is motoring along happily, to much encouragement from [ profile] rockfic and [ profile] hanks_lil_pit. I think I might get done with it sometime over the weekend! I might even squeeze out the next part of Wild Things as I'm getting some ferocious encouragement there too :P Hell, Hank's even got me thinking about subbing Midsummer Madness again. I fear I may be rather suggestible :P


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