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I'm having massive amounts of fun researching sex, drugs and general bad behaviour in the Victorian era. I'm highly amused that London had a Street of Pornographers - Holywell Street, near Drury Lane - for several decades until it was effectively bulldozed to make way for a more modern street. Interestingly, they happily displayed their wares in the windows - be it etchings, books, equipment - and even respectable women were observed to walk down the street window-shopping.

It is positively lamentable passing down these streets, to see the young of either sex-often, we blush to say, of the weaker-and in many case evidently appertaining to the respectable classes of society, furtively peeping in at these sin-crammed shop-windows . . . guiltily bending over engravings as vile in execution as they are in subject. (p. 184) Victorian Babylon

This made me remember the huge Victorian dildos exhibited at the Sex Museum in Amsterdam - if you're ever in the 'Dam, then go look! When I say huge, I do mean huge. We saw ones carved from jade and some from marble; alas, no photographs were allowed. Very pretty, and undoubtably extremely heavy. Someone has to buy one in this story; it just has to be done!

The plot for this bunny has been fleshed out a bit more and I put about two hundred words down yesterday. Not great, but it's a start.... I would love to make the plot more inticrate so I've been trying to come up with better reasons for assassination than just cheating on someone's partner. Maybe throw in a disgusted father who wants his son dead? After all, if he died overseas, it'd be hard to trace the killing back to dear old dad. Would be quite amusing if both Dad and Jealous Lover contacted the same assassin.

I've been toying with the idea of trying to write it as original fic as it would be nice to be able to say that I've written something completely original... but on the other hand, I can always manipulate it into becoming original fic later on? It feels intimidating to write something completely original in terms of characters.


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