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I keep forgetting to post about the rest of our weekend. My mind has been eaten by the excitement of driving!

It's been a busy old weekend. On Saturday as well as putting together furniture we had friends over for dinner. I can't remember the last time I did a dinner party so it was a bit nerve-wracking, especially as Tracy is a born housewife and I'm not. So, lots of cleaning while Dave was busy constructing and then some slaving over a hot stove. (I still feel guilty for standing in front of a hot oven for so long. I didn't notice how hot my bump was getting.) It turned out to be a great night and I'm feeling quite enthusiastic about cooking again. We'll see how long that lasts....

Today Dave started chopping away the hedge which runs down one side of our property. The master plan is to rip it all out--hopefully saving the quince tree, which could use some TLC and decent soil--and replace it with picket fencing. That should give us an extra foot of driveway which will make it much easier for me to reverse in and also it will be easier for us to get the carseat into the car.

We also took our niece to the park for an hour or so before heading over to the IL's for a family/birthday BBQ. And then I had my big driving adventure :)
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Dave and his dad tackled the back garden this morning. The grass was knee-high!! Still, at least we know the soil is fertile. They discovered that we really do have a plum tree--it has pendulous green fruit all over the branches just now--and there's also a quince plant (tree? bush?) entwined in the hedge at the front of the house. Alas, that hedge is slated to be torn up and replaced by picket fencing. I'm hoping that it can be relocated somewhere else; I love the idea of growing such ancient fruit.

At any rate, we can now sit out on the deck and admire our mown lawn while sipping on a drink or two, and maybe pick a plum for a snack.

I think I may be nesting. Alternatively... perhaps Dave has been hypnotising me into craving housework? Either way, I've been cleaning, decluttering, washing, folding and cooking like a mad woman. I still have some ironing that I want to do and a sink to clean. My back has withstood all of this insanity remarkably well. I've only felt a few twinges today and I haven't had to gobble any paracetemol either. All good news. Speck is kicking away madly, too.

I wonder if this is domestic bliss?
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I can't believe how much Dave's family rocks.

They've done loads of laundry for us while we were without a machine; Dave's dad has chopped down a hideous climbing plant from the side of the house, installed all our major appliances for us and has fixed our lawnmower; his mum has rung me to see how my back is and can she do anything for me, and now his sister is coming to take me to the doctors tomorrow morning--as it's v.dubious whether I can make it to the bus stop and every taxi in Bristol seems to be taking kids to school at 9am--and then onto the shops for cake ingredients.

They're all bloody marvellous.

If I asked my lot for help--ignoring the fact that they live hundreds of miles away--they'd forget, bitch endlessly, ask "why?" in that horrible tone of voice they have, and just generally make me feel bad for asking. Hence I'm completely blown away by my inlaws.

Must do something nice for them when I'm better....
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Or indeed, a trifle bowl.

After much searching in amongst a sea of opaque and chipped bowls, Dave and I triumphed and bought a bowl with the tiniest chip out of the rim. (Yes, I know. Chipped bowls are unhygenic but I have a trifle bowl, and now I can make trifles for every family event! Especially now I've discovered that the rest of Dave's family are of the trifle-loving persuasion.)

So, the Great Christmas Trifle of 2005 is on!

Chocolate cake, cranberry compote, chocolate cream, chocolate sauce, and lashings of whipped cream. Everything will be liberally doused in whatever booze I deem suitable to tie together the flavours. At the moment, mandarin liqueur looks a strong possibility since the cranberries will be cooked with orange juice....

If I get bored I may make some sort of sugar sculpture for the top. Maybe a Christmas star!

(You'd think I was hopped up on sugar, wouldn't you? Alas, no. I really am this excited about a trifle bowl and the certainty of trifle on Christmas Day. [ profile] glammetalkitten will understand. She's famous for her trifle love.)


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