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After a very boring couple of days watching other people work--I thoroughly recommend full removals services--we've moved into the new house. Telewest came first thing this morning and managed to install cable despite the amazing amount of awkwardness (in terms of layout) that they had to put up with.

We've barely made a dent in the unpacking despite both of us attacking it last night and today. It'll all get done sooner or later, though, and I do plan to throw out as much crap as possible. I'm sure we don't use 40% of this stuff.... I also have a huge to-do list to wade through :(

Anyway. I'm back. Thank-you all for listening to me whine about the house purchase/move. Much appreciated!

(Oh. The people next door seem to be having a noisy day. Lots of weird noise, dog barking, loud conversation. I shall take revenge upon them in October with a wailing baby.)
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Dave and I now own a house!!!

How fucking cool/scary is that? I can now look forward to the move on Monday and then some sort of housewarming party. I figure I can supply plenty of booze since I haven't been drinking--unpacking one box gets you one glass of wine....

I cannot believe that I own a house. Wow.
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Cancel the removals people and receive phonecall two minutes later to tell us that the building work is complete. If nothing else goes wrong, we should exchange this avo--guess who was addicted to Australian soaps as a teen?--and complete later today or more likely Monday.

Oh well. Even if we don't manage to slot back in with the movers, we can go with another company for £108 extra, which I can only assume is for the sheer joy of seeing movers wearing cheerful bright red uniforms.

I think I'll go and have some ice-cream while I wait for the solicitor.

Also, look what Dave sent me!

Silk flowers and some "blooms" made from pairs of baby socks and a teeny-tiny hat. It's absolutely gorgeous :D
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So far today I have:

* rung solicitors 10 times (at least)
* successfully begged movers to hold off on dumping our booking
* emptied one box of crap, throwing away 90% of it
* done three huge loads of laundry and actually put it away
* cleaned bathroom
* cleaned ceramic hob
* contemplated cleaning oven (but that seemed like a step too close to insanity)
* instructed Speck in the art of being bitchy whilst appearing to be devastatingly charming
* sung "Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got love in my tummy" about eight times, with different lyrics each time as I can never remember the real ones
* washed up 80% of the dishes that I've been putting off for ages
* jabbed myself in the leg (and it only took 5mins 33 seconds of talking to Dave for me to actually do it)
* cried quite a bit
* hauled some books downstairs to approximately where they belong
* made another list of shit to do
* languished on the sofa
* eaten half a litre of ice-cream
* felt Speck wriggle, writhe and generally tumble around like a gymnast. (Or ninja! I'd be v.proud if Speck became a ninja. She could only top that by being a ninja-pirate! [Or prime minister. Mind you, the tabloids would have fun printing copies of the porn I've written in an effort to discredit her.])

It's amazing what I can accomplish while in the throes of a really good rage. I'm not actually tired, yet. I would hoover, but due to the interesting piece of cardboard box art in the hallway, I can't get to the hoover.

Annnnnnnd! Dave just left the office!
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No exchange today. The builder still isn't finished.

There are no words....

(It turns out that when I'm really furious, that I do lots of laundry and aggressive dish washing. Poor Speck must be wondering when his/her mummy will ever be happy again.)
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From the sounds of things, two birds have taken up residence either under the eaves, on the edge of the roof, or inside the roof. Wherever they are, they're incredibly noisy and I wish they'd go away. (They've been there since about 7am--don't birds have lots of flying around to do?) Even Motorhead isn't shifting them :(

In other news, we may actually get to move house this month. I sincerely hope so as I'm getting twitchy and miserable about the whole thing. I hate having to chase people for information and never getting a satisfactory amount of it, either. Hopefully this debacle leaves us enough time to book the movers.

In other-other news, I'm about to head off for a midwife's appointment. If I'm lucky, I'll manage to avoid having blood taken again and I should get to hear the heart beat. I have a slew of questions for the poor woman so I hope she's having a good lunch :P

In otherx3 news, we finished Lost on Saturday night. Excellent stuff! I'm now champing at the bit for season two which has just started in the UK.
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1. It's snowing. Well, hail, to be precise.

2. We saw the most beautiful house. Alas, the people who viewed it last night also agreed that it's a beautiful house. I hope their offer is rejected and that we can sneak in and pip them at the post. Such a gorgeous kitchen....

House buying is nervewracking! I wonder how I find a surveyor...?

ETA: No luck with this house. The other offer--above asking price! Fuckers!--was accepted. I guess we have to rethink our negotiating strategy or something. Thanks for all the good luck's, though!
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I have electricity and gas meter readings and I'm now in dispute over the cleanliness of the carpets in two of the rooms and whether the shed was falling down or not when we took the tenancy on. At least it's progress.

I suppose I should go downstairs and see if the spider is enjoying the nice slice of cake I abandoned.
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I think I may join [ profile] silicondreams in screaming with rage. The inventory clerk who promised that she'd call me... hasn't. Her mobile seems to be diverted to her desk as it's not going to voicemail. So, all I can do is send her a text and sit here--80 miles away--fuming and wondering exactly how badly I'm going to be fucked. I suspect side-ways, with a spanner.

No response to text, or to the urgent message I left at the office. The only excuse I'm going to accept is that she's been dismembered by an itinerant troupe of cannibals for an impromptu lunch. Mind you, they'd probably choke on her lying, putrid flesh.

The only thing happy in the house right now is a large lump of pork. It's wallowing in the marinade for char sui, and I wish I could get into the bowl with it and ignore the world.

I'm rapidly descending into a frustrated, tearful girlie. Not even cake is helping, and cake always works.

ETA. My day is complete. A spider just sat on my shoulder. I'm now upstairs trying to escape the fumes from my energetic spraying of fly-killing spray. I knew dealing with the letting agents would be no picnic, but it's way beyond expectations now. Yes, I am indeed blaming them for the spider.
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So, in accordance with the appointment given to me for the house hand-over, I snagged a lift to Reading this morning with Dave. I got to the old house, and waited for the inventory agent to come along at noon. Only... she didn't.

After 15 minutes I got fed up--patience is not my strong suit--and called the agency. Apparently, the appointment had been put into their diary for Monday. Oh, how I shook my fist and screeched. The letter I have clearly states Friday, 9th September at 12 noon.

There aren't words for how pissed off I am. I have refused to go back on Monday as I'll be damned if I'm paying £72 because they fucked up. So, I'm going to have to hold a very hostile and unpleasant conversation with the inventory agent as she walks around the house on Monday. I have slaved over that house and I want every drop of my money back.

1. I want my own house. I don't want to deal with landlords, letting agents etc again.
2. I want to be in control of where I live. If someone fucks up, then I'll only be able to blame me or Dave.
3. I want to live somewhere where there is colour. I refuse to have any magnolia paint on the walls for it is bland, boring and just reminds me of renting misery.
4. And most importantly. I don't want to keep whining about house shit. I'm bored of it. But it keeps on coming; like a stable of horse shit, there's always more to shovel....

In good news, such as it is, I spotted a copy of Writing Down The Bones in Waterstones. I've been looking for it for a few months, and so far its a really good read. Inspiring.... One of these days I'll write a book review!

ETA. Dave is stuck in horrendous traffic in London, so probably won't be home for about four hours. Which sucks. He'll be frazzled to the bone by the time he gets in :/
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I'm not sure who won today... me or the dust.

At any rate, the old house is clean and I'll catch a lift to Reading tomorrow to hand over to the new tenants. We got in about 20 minutes ago--a helluva long day considering that we started out at 0700!! I'm not actually that tired, I'm just really dehabilitated from all the dust I kicked up. Unluckily, I ran out of antihistamines so I'll be really miserable tomorrow!!

I can't wait to get back to Bristol tomorrow afternoon, curl up and do nothing....

PS. Where on earth are Dominos with my dinner??
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I traipsed over to Reading today to gauge how much cleaning needed to be done on the old house. The answer? Lots.

So, I've cleaned the kitchen (and dining room) and just need to transfer all my cleaning supplies into a box. All the dusting is done downstairs too, so I just need to run the hoover round the front room and I'm done there. Upstairs needs dusting everywhere and random pieces of crap picked up before hoovering. And I have to try and chip away the last stubborn bits of limescale which have eluded my heavy-duty cleaner. Oh well.

So, I'm now all dusty and have a lovely headache created by stress, dust, fumes, and cigarette smoke. I'd forgotten how obsessively people smoke on train platforms; like they're stocking up on enough nicotine to last them for an hour's journey.... (Reminds me of hampsters storing food in their cheeks.) Of course, everyone else has to suffer it. No wonder my eyes are also killing me.

I got back at about six thirty, then we went straight to our niece's second birthday party. Which was fun! I love kids parties... you're always guaranteed to get cheese-and-pineapple-onna-stick :) She had fun, and she's finally taking more of an interest in the contents of boxes rather than the packaging!

Now I'm absolutely knacked, slightly cranky, and wishing I could fall asleep as easily as Dave. He's snoring away in the armchair and I'm looking on enviously.
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Wow, I didn't expect to have visitors so quickly! Rus just nipped round on his lunchbreak to see the house. Alas, he didn't have time to lift any boxes, but I'll try to tempt him back to shift some at the weekend :D (BTW, the house is still a mess, but we're inching towards some semblence of order.)

I'm not used to this concept of people just dropping in. My parents always announced visits to people days in advance and expected the same in return... and because we've spent six years or so having to plan visits to friends in Bristol, we've done the announcing thing. It's so weird--and very cool--to suddenly spot a friend walking down the drive towards the front door.

I'm not used to gentlemen callers :P
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If there was a no-hassle way to transplant ourselves in Bristol, I'd totally buy into it. Money no object. Anyway, we're almost (!!) packed and I'm almost as nervous as I was when I first left home. I haven't done a city move of this magnitude--in terms of just sheer volume of posessions--before.

I'm going to miss you guys! *hugs everyone*

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We have house keys! And joy of joys, Dave likes the house. Picking a house without Dave seeing it too is jolly nervewracking. We did a bit of driving around, and it's about 10 minutes from everything. Everything being Dave's parents, the cinema (which is cheaper than Reading), the shopping centre, and about two minutes from the post office. Yay!

Talking of the cinema.... We saw The Island today. Not bad, although very predictable. The pacing was very slow for the first half of the movie but was really good towards the end. Scarlett Johansson can't act, but her lips are positively mesmerising. Djimon Hounsou was very, very good. He needs to get more roles--I really liked him in Constantine. The lovely Sean was wonderful as ever, and Ewan McGregot wasn't bad either. Oh, and I was thrilled to see Steve Buscemi in the film. I had no idea he was involved :D

I'd give it 6/10. One point deducted for lots of needles and one revolting eye-scene. (I can't handle any eye-nastiness in films these days.)


Aug. 15th, 2005 02:48 pm
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All references came back happy and sparkly, so we've got the house! Thank god for that. Now I can stop angsting, and crack on with packing....
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Hmm.  Either I've bought too many books over the last 18 months or half of the boxes we packed books in when we last moved have vanished.  Maybe we have anti-house elves?  Before I do too much more packing, I need to find some anti-histamines.  I'm beginning to wonder where the rest of the dwarves are--I'm currently playing host to both Dopey and Sneezy, so the rest should be along any minute.

Oh, house.  The landlord can't/won't make the plumbing changes that I wanted, but we're pressing onwards with the tenancy.  It's what, the 11th of August?  28 days to sort out the packing, disconnections, reconnections and all of that crap.... Definitely not enough time to faff around with looking for another house.  So, we're now waiting on another shiny set of tenterhooks while the references are being checked.  I loathe jumping through hoops at the best of times, and this loss of control really rankles with both of us.  So, we'll be in grouchy moods until they ring and tell us that we're good to go.

In fantabulously good news, Scott Sullivan got five years.  I hope he has an unpleasant cellmate.

Right.  I'm going to go and pack up all my baking equipment.  Both baking and writing are now on hiatus until we get settled in the new house....
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Okay, the gods may be smiling favourably on us.

I have put down a conditional holding deposit on a house. Its very nice and has pretty much everything that we want. I say conditional as we just need to get the landlord to sort out plumbing for the dishwasher--I'll be damned if I'm putting a perfectly good dishwasher in the shed for six months--and a pump for the shower to up the water pressure. The landlord is getting someone in tomorrow to quote for the above, and she seems really keen to let it to us. A bit of flirting with the letting agent seems to go a long way. Why yes, I am shameless.

Keep your fingers crossed, sacrificial knives honed and goats tied to the altar....
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Mmmm. Life sucks.

We can't extend our lease on the current house as its been re-let. So, our current contingency plan involves putting all our stuff in storage and moving into Dave's parents house. So, if that's what happens, then don't expect to see me online for a long time.

I'm going to Bristol tomorrow and am currently trying to arrange a bunch of viewings without giving myself a fit over timings. If only I could find my Bristol streetguide thingie I could probably be more efficient with times. At the moment I'm allowing an hour to get across to each property as I don't know where anything is in relation to anything else. All I know is the city center and Fishponds (which is nowhere near as picturesque as the name might suggest). My SIL has volunteered to drive me around which is really, really nice of her.

The train fare to Bristol (if I want to get in before 11am) is £72 return. Un-fucking-believable. Doesn't matter what time I come back. Two years ago, I could do that trip for £50. First class, which would be infinitely more comfortable, is £114. No wonder people don't take the train.

Early night for me, I think.

Our day.

Aug. 6th, 2005 03:51 pm
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Got up early.

Drove to Bristol.

First house we went to view had been taken by the people who viewed it just before we arrived. It went on the market yesterday.

Drove around a few suburbs killing time before viewing the next house.

Phone rings 10 minutes before our appointment, and the next house has gone.

Swear muchly.

Went to cinema--Stealth was pretty fun. It cheered us up for a couple of hours at any rate.

Came home.

You know what? It'd have been easier to buy a house. I now look forward to abasing myself in front of our current letting agents and begging to be allowed to stay for another month or on a week by week basis. This is utterly ridiculous. I think they should make a video game with letting and estate agents as the mobs. I could be persuaded to frag several hundred of them right now.


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