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Or not.

Troy Hake, a gardening company owner, sends his customers a nice email. At best, inappropriate; at worst, illegal (depending on company T&C about customer email usage, which this appears to contravene.)

I wonder how much of a hit his profits will take this quarter?
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Perhaps I have some sort of residual bad mood left over from my TV Trauma, but after dealing with a bunch of email and comments for my food blog I am in a foul mood and need a quick rant....

Save me from prissy little bitches who complain about the amount of sugar in a recipe for very large chocolate chip cookies. They're supposed to be sweet! Do you have no gumption to cut the sugar a little? Make a quarter batch? No? You're not intelligent enough to live. Please shuffle off your mortal coil. Everyone I've served these cookies to has loved them. They've come back for more, asked for the recipe, begged me to make another batch. You, my dear, are a pain in the fucking ass. And as for "bad for my teeth"? Here's a toothbrush. Stick it up your ass. They're cookies. Since when were cookies good for one's teeth?

Take a breath... )
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My week started off on a weird note, with a rude introduction to the very odd world of furries. My eyeballs still feel scarred by seeing Mustafa and Simba getting it on. Mercifully it was so badly inked that my eyeballs could just fixate on that aspect rather than the horror within.  I won't be linking :P  Very odd, will never understand it.

But! Things get even weirder!

May I have a drumroll please? Thank-you. I proudly/apologetically present to you [ profile] bible_slash Who could ever have predicted that Jesus and JC Chasez would ever get it on (scroll down)?  You know you want to click on the link.... According to the community info, there's even a dedicated Christ slash community.  Oh well, if I can read slash about Greek gods happily, then I'm sure other people can happily read Jesus/JC.  Yuck.  Hmm, that reminds me, I was going to turn James into Thor at some point.

To cheer you up, here's a nice parody.  The Book of Fanfic, Chapters 1, 2 and 3.  Feel free to mutter about the state of the world....


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