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I had a life insurance medical this morning. Never, ever have I been grilled so throughly about my health or my family's health. How on earth am I supposed to remember exactly why I had an x-ray when I was eight? Or, for that matter, how old my parents are and all their various maladies? They don't like me sending cards for their birthdays so I've long since stopped paying attention to them or their ages....

At any rate, the doctor did agree it was very unfair to weigh me and do waist/hip measurements whilst pregnant. I didn't bother to point out that I've put on zero weight so far--his scales confirmed it, too, and after converting kg to stone, I'm actually quite a bit lighter--so I shall leave the insurance company under the happy illusion that I've put on loads of weight while pregnant. I hate to think what my premiums are going to be like with all the risk factors he jotted down. After deciphering Dad's handwriting for years I have amazing abilities to read illegible scribbles. I am still miffed that as a life-long non-smoker, I've had to provide a saliva test to prove it.

I have made a note to ask at the 4d scan just how big Speck is. The doctor looked surprised when I told him I was 24 weeks and commented that my uterus was "a good size." I'd like to know what that phrase means. The midwife also said that I had a good-sized uterus. Am I going to have a whopping 13lb baby?? Still, he was kind enough to point out a foot to me, so I've now had a good prod at Speck's foot, and Speck kicked back. All good fun.

It's now very, very hot outside, so I'm going to flop on the sofa for a few hours and maybe go sit on the deck when the sun has swung round....
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Just back from the eye hospital.

My eyes are in surprisingly good shape, aside from some inflammation at the front. I'm a bit unconvinced, but she did spend half an hour looking at them, so odds are that if there was something nasty to see that she'd have seen it. Anyway, monthly visits until sometime after birth and they'll do photographs every couple of months to make absolutely sure that they don't miss any changes. I'm to go straight to eye casualty if there are any flare ups or feelings of pressure building up.

I suppose I should eat something. (But not Bombay mix. I've been happily munching my way through a bag for a couple of days now and it only dawned on me this morning that it was stuffed with peanuts. Oh well. I'm sure that Speck will grow up just fine despite my ditziness.)

Also! It's about 20C here today. I think we're in for a hot summer....
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Note to self:

Do not read any articles on uveitis and pregnancy. Wait until the consultant's appointment--it's only one week away. Quotes such as, "During the pregnancy, Natalie's eyesight deteriorated so much that by the end she couldn't drive, watch TV, read or even cook." are NOT helpful.

Do, however, religiously apply eyedrops and take fish oils.

To my flist:

Never, ever take your eyesight for granted. Get your eyes tested yearly and if you have any problems with them, don't hang around and wait for it to clear up by itself. If it doesn't, you're shafted. You can manage a damaged leg easily enough, you can manage fucked up hands (and I speak from experience on those) but vision loss or deterioration is horrid.
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I have a floater in my eye. It's exactly like one of those bouncing dots you get at karaoke--it's happily running along every word I read--except it's gray and not a lurid red. On the plus side, at least this puts paid to Dave's theory that I don't see half of the words on a page when I'm speed-reading.

In other news: it snowed overnight. It's still trying to snow just now but it's just the occasional flake. The forecast is for sleet this morning and snow this afternoon. Lovely. Damn those Scandinavian winds!
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My eye appointment went well this morning. Both eyes are free of inflammation--well, as far as one can see without doing an dye trace, and thank the gods they didn't order one--and they want me to swap down to a lower strength of steroid drops, then taper the dose off over two months. So, in February I shall be drug-free for the first time since '98. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that.

I'm now tired and rather wobbly on my legs; mercifully no one is likely to mistake me for a newborn deer. I did intend to nap this afternoon, but every time I try, someone knocks at the door with a delivery. I have a pile of intriguing boxes building up in the living room.

Weird happening of the day: the nurses at the uveitis clinic were so bemused by my blood pressure that they took it three times to make sure. 118/86 is surely not uncommon? I suppose it could be considered unusual in someone of my weight but they were still marvelling over it when I left and shooting me confused looks. On the plus side, they didn't need to hunt down the extra-large cuff, so my arms have shrunk :)

PS. Christmas cards are posted.
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My cold has moved on at last. From my head to my chest. How very adventurous. My lungs do not sound good and my appetite appears to have run away to join the circus... or something.

So. I won't be doing anything fun this week. I still haven't been to the fucking cinema so I can't bounce with [ profile] glammetalkitten over Narnia, couldn't go out on Monday to see Tracy--I feel really bad about that 'cause the funeral's on Friday, but whenever I think about calling her it's invariably too late, and when's a good time to call someone with three kids anyway?--and I won't be baby-sitting my niece on Friday either as I'd feel rotten if she got this bug when she's teething. Heck, I'd feel bad about it at any time. I still want sleepy baby-cuddles, though.

Oh, and I have to go to bed now, so that I can be out of the house for 7:15 am, so that I can be absolutely certain to make it into the hospital tomorrow morning in the face of rain, inept drivers, and the vagrancies of Bristol's buses. Of course, the buses will then be on time and I'll wind up an hour early for the appointment.

I'm a bundle of bright, shiny joy tonight, eh?

P.S. Didn't make it to the post office on Monday. The few Christmas cards I'm sending will therefore be v.late. On the plus side, the long transit through the postal system should kill off any germs from me. Yay.
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Well, my knee didn't bruise as heavily as I expected. I woke up to find that it was only slightly purple instead of something spetacularly dark. Today the swelling is down and it looks normal, but if it gets prodded or bashed into anything then it hurts like hell. My hands are still sore, so I'm trying to avoid doing much typing and lifting. Tidying the house is taking ages, as I don't want to carry around too much stuff. Of course, I seem to have pulled every cookbook I own off the shelves over the course of the week, so they have to go back. And they are all huge and heavy.

I haven't been able to get back into writing this week at all :( No new J/J porn for Kasia :( The most I've done is edit and tighten up Midsummer Madness to send off to be considered for an anthology. Well, I'm still actually half-way through that, and I'm now wondering if I'm thinking too highly of it. I think I may go and look for some chocolate now....

Bah humbug

Feb. 3rd, 2005 11:02 pm
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As soon as one problem is resolved, another one crops up. Sods Law. In this instance, my left knee is now fully functional and happy to bend any way I choose; my right knee is swollen up like a purple balloon with nice scratches adorning it. Guess who fell over... something... this evening? I have no idea what it was, nothing was there after I picked myself up, but there was definitely something that tripped me. A cat? But there was no noise.... Dave is speculating about hedgehog assassins. I hate walking home in the dark.

To add insult to injury, I also landed on my hands which I'd just been to the doctor's about, so now those are even more sore. 2005 looks to be a year of aches and pains. I'm not very happy about this. Incidentally, the hands aren't presenting as a classic case of either rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, nor are they presenting as RSI as the pain is all over. The tendons in my wrists aren't crunchy either, so probably not tendonitis. And they also get sore when I do anything which is quite frankly ridiculous.

Oh, and I can't take anything stronger than paracetemol in case I'm pregnant *rolls eyes* Do I have any straight paracetemol? Like hell I do. Even asprin is bad these days apparently. And whilst codeine won't affect a baby before the third trimester, my lovely doctor doesn't want me to take that either. I think I'll take up meditation. Or, find the person who's made a voodoo doll of me....


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