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My cloudy start was Lucas waking me up at just before 5am. Ouch. My eyes feel like they need propping open. Still, he's sick so I can't complain too much. The day did brighten up when I crawled out of bed for a second time....

I have lost 50lbs!!

I rejoined Weight Watchers last week, having been on it for about three months before I got pregnant, and when I hopped on the scales this morning I'd lost six pounds which brings me to a total loss of 50 pounds exactly :D My BMI has dropped by 9 points since I started which is awesome.

In other news, I drove us to Holey Skin this morning to get a check-up. This is a really big thing for me as it involved driving on the M32. I've never done a motorway alone before, and was really scared about the prospect of doing that and then two huge and complicated roundabouts at the other end. It all went really well, though. I don't think I'm quite ready to zoom off to Reading or London yet, but I'm more optimistic that I will one day.

Anyway.... my arm is healing up nicely and I'm booked in for next Monday to have it completed. Now I just have to find a babysitter ;)

All in all, it's been a bloody fantastic day so far!
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Absolutely shitty day. There are no words for how pissed off I am. However....

I am now too thin for all my trousers, even the ones that I packed away mid-pregnancy! I think I may even have to go down two sizes when we do an emergency dash to the shops--which may actually be tomorrow, now that I look at the time.

I still can't actually see where the weight has disappeared from, but I suppose that I'll have to believe the scales when they tell me that I've lost 2 stone (28 lbs, you Yanks). Maybe I'll believe it after I waddle round the shops, desperately trying to keep my clothes on :P

Why do I have nothing with belt loops??
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A year ago, Dave decided to diet and I half-heartedly joined him thinking that it would probably be a phase. One year on, he's half the man he used to be, as someone pointed out at work recently.

Please hop over to his LJ and tell him how fabulous he looks!! He deserves all sorts of adulation and kudos for this and he's still going too!

I'm very, very proud of him.
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Just a quick diet update.

I've now lost 1 st 4.5 lbs, or 18.5 pounds. Not bad going despite the occasional day or two of self-sabotage. My wardrobe is expanding nicely--I knew keeping all my slim clothes was a good idea--and I may even treat myself to a pretty dress for Christmas!

On the down-side... hip bones. I can feel my pelvis when I'm lying down and it's a very, very odd feeling. I presume I'll get used to that at some point, but right now? Can't get comfortable in bed at all.
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So, day two of diet. Well, eating healthier. I hopped onto the scales this morning and they broke and found that I am 2lbs lighter than last week. I wonder what I did differently last week?

We went shopping last night and filled the trolley with lots of veggies. fruit and healthy things. Alas, no ice-cream came home with us. I somehow managed to sail past that aisle. I did buy a big bag of very pink rhubarb which I'm going to do something inventive with--I might even do the rhubarb sorbet that I've been threatening for years. Dinner tonight will be a low-fat version of Crispy Duck and pancakes (with plenty of cucumber, spring onion and herbs). Just without the crispiness :P The recipe looks sane, so I'll give it a go--it's duck, how horrible can it turn out? Also being cooked today are a chocolate cheesecake and an apple tea-loaf. Both very virtuous.

I don't think I'll be doing any writing today, I'm developing a nasty headache and I feel about as sexy as a skunk (someone is now bound to tell me that skunks are highly sexual animals), so not ideal for writing smut :P Maybe tomorrow?
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Dave wants to start dieting again, which, by extension, means that I'll be dieting too. Yes, I desperately need to halve my body weight, but it's so much bloody effort. I loathe dieting. The problem this time, is that I'm out of ideas for healthy food despite having almost every Weight Watchers book under the sun. Well, the main problem is really that I have zero motivation and serious ice-cream urges. At least I managed to unearth my WW calculator.

Expect my mood to go downhill on Monday when all the fat is abruptly ripped from my diet. I can see me now, desperately licking a butter wrapper....

In less calorific news, I've taken a little break from Fracture to try and finish off the fourth chapter of Wild Things. Probably not the best idea in the world, but I'm enjoying writing decent sex. Joolz posted a gorgeous pic of Kirk and Rob in the woods which managed to wrench my Lars-muse back from his holiday in Rio. It may be a flying visit but I'm going to try and make the most of it.


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