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We saw Superman Returns this morning, courtesy of the Evil Empire. Well, they're not so bad--they set out bottles of water and bags of popcorn for our comfort :)

It's not a bad film. The plot is reasonably good, Kevin Spacey was ace, the effects were great and the score was fantastic. (The film greatly benefits from being allowed to base the score on John Williams' original music from the first film.) However. Brandon Routh is (a) too young for the role and (b) has an inadequate physique. I couldn't (and didn't want to) get past either of those points.

I know, I know... superheroes are always powered down in movies. But I still expect Superman to look like Superman. I want bulging muscles and for him to not look like an almost bog-ordinary human. I want to sit and wonder how dumb people have to be to not realise that Clark is Superman: "Look! He's practically bulging out of his suit! How can they not notice?? I'd notice if the office dweeb was all muscly with huge shoulders." There were some nice touches and he does do some very Superman/heroic things. But it still didn't feel completely right.

Afterwards we went to the pub and Forbidden Planet with some folks from the CGS boards, whereupon Dave spent far too much money on trades, and I drooled over a limited statue of Batgirl. Alas, I can buy loads of baby clothes for £86 and I'd be irritated if it got broken....

Now we're home and I'm vowing never to walk anywhere again. After tramping around London for three days I ache from top to toe and my round ligaments hate me. Still, only 101 days to go.
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We went to the Bristol Comic Expo today. In a Guiness-worthy feat of endurance, I lasted for seven hours before retreating back to the car. (I can take walking around for hours but standing in queues killed me.)

Anyway, it was really good! I used the power of my boobies to persuade Jock to draw me a quick sketch of a very grim looking Nightwing which I love. He apologised profusely for it not being his best work--we caught him at the end of the Vertigo panel and he didn't have any of his pens so wound up using a ratty old felt-tip from my handbag. Nonetheless, it's very cool. I hope he starts doing some more interior art for DC--right now he just does cover art for them.

We also had a quick chat with Jock and Andy Diggle about how much we've been enjoying The Losers. Very nice blokes, especially Jock but then I'm biased as he's Scottish.

Dave got sketches from some of his idols (plus a couple more) so he was very, very happy too.

If time permits we might nip back tomorrow afternoon for some more sketches and shopping. I'm hoping that Sunday will be less busy and also a much cooler day....
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Happiness is comic shopping.

We went to the launch day of the new Forbidden Planet Megastore this morning and came back with a huge haul of trade paperbacks. This brings our collective total up to a scary 513 books. I'm thinking that it was a really good decision to not keep a note of the price of each book, but at the same time I find myself wanting to up the house insurance :P

Anyway, I came away with the first three Nightwing trades (hello, [ profile] evaine!), some Punisher, TT/Outsiders, and Dave--bless his cotton socks--picked up a huge Green Arrow trade that I'd completely missed spotting. I forsee a happy afternoon ahead of me. All I need now is a bit of sunshine and I'll be as happy as a cat in a sunbeam....
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The boiler men are here. Huzzah! And I can smell gas, which in a weird way settles my worries about this actually getting fixed today. (I had half convinced myself that the gas board had made a mistake and it was the gas at fault rather than the boiler.) I am, however, horrified at the sheer amount of disruption that changing a boiler involves.

They're going to be taking up the carpet in the spare room to do something under the floor, there's a bag of cement in the hall, so something's going to end up with lovely pointing, and I'm told that a valve's leaking in the cistern, so they're going to drain the whole thing so that it can be fixed. Oh, I know what's being cemented. New pipes as apparently ours are too thin to be compliant with the new rules and stuff.

Of course, if I'd been told in advance I could have moved things and not had to run around like a blue-arsed fly this morning.

In geekier news, Teen Titans/Outsiders: Insiders arrived this morning. So far I've read it twice and cried almost all the way through it both times. What a wonderful arc.... It was only marred by Carlos D'Anda's art in part four and the huge continuity error--I don't know who to blame here, the writer or the penciller? I also don't see how someone can produce perfectly reasonable if a tad uninspired art one issue beforehand and then churn out something utterly revolting in the next, and pivotal, issue. *grumble*
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Oh, for fuck's sake.

Comic slash writers! If your universe is undergoing heavy restructuring--the ongoing DCU Infinite Crisis, for example--please have the decency to respect your audience's decision not to read spoilers. This means:

  • no writing story summaries which contain spoilers
  • no summaries which claim that the story has no spoilers, but it actually does
  • and finally, don't write a fucking summary talking about dramatic character death which is based on internet rumours and present it as FACT.

I was less than pleased to see a story summary talking about a much loved--by my standards--character's death as though it had happened. After screeching in horror, and tears welling up in my eyes, I summoned the courage to click onto the story to find that the source of my trauma was fucking rumours. *sigh*

Now that my relief has worn off I shall now take out my ire on the inept author instead of firing off an irate email to DC.

In other news. There is no other news. I'm developing a nice, seasonal cold so I'll be able to impress my nieces with my Rudolph nose in time for Christmas. Dave is out playing pool, there's nowt on TV, and there's no one online to gossip with.

At this rate I'll be reduced to calling my parents.


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