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Well, that's weird.

I just updated my food blog for the first time in months, and the LJ feed has gone insane and spewed out ten or so entries. Very odd.

Those of you subscribed to the feed--I'm hugely sorry for the spammage!!
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Apparently, if you want me to do something... all you need to is nag and throw in a little hit of guilt too. After a few "We miss you!" emails, it looks like I'll be re-entering the food blogging world, and possibly with Wordpress instead of Movable Type as I am FED UP of comment and fucking referrer spam. I am currently being seduced by Wordpress' sexy interface which I am drooling over courtesy of [ profile] heliotic who kindly threw up a copy on one of his servers for me to play with. So much nicer than Movable Type. The only thing which I can't see, thus far, is a photo upload facility. I will dive into the murky depths of the manual this afternoon after driving.

I'm also contemplating taking an arty picture of a sugar bowl, and a spoon--for the banner at the top. The site feels like it needs a makeover. Um, some new content wouldn't hurt too :P (Don't think I can't hear you heckling at the back, Dave!) Plenty to play with. Once my site bandwidth resets. Bastards!

Now to figure out how to juggle writing, food blogging, cooking, housework, and general entertainment! This should be amusing....


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