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This is just the perfect birthday!

Discovery is showing a docudrama just now about a mega flood in London. I adore disaster films and have a particular fondness--as well as a healthy respect for the distinct possibility--for storm surges. Yeah, I'm weird. I also discovered that there's a TV movie (or mini) being made on the same subject with both Robert Carlyle and David Suchet. It's like TV knows it's my birthday :D

I have loads of lovely and thoughtful presents, particular highlights being the complete Poirot DVD collection, an immense bouquet of lilies which almost match my tattoo, and Lucas bought me a model of a Morgan Aero 8 (the world's sexiest car!) as well as drawing me his first picture ever! Dave's worked his ass off to make this the best birthday ever--thank-you baby!

We're off out for a birthday dinner tomorrow night with a bunch of our friends and I am so looking forward to it. Alas, my tattoo is very scabby so I probably won't show it off until its finished and healed. Sorry, guys!
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I swear, I have the best husband in the whole, wide world. Just look at my birthday cake!


This isn't just any cake, oh no... it's a replica of the top tier of our wedding cake. The house is perfumed with the scent of chocolate, strawberries and happiness.

Between this, [ profile] feelforfaith's birthday fic and [ profile] glammetalkitten's tulips, I'm having a pretty damn good day! Thank-you!
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Wow. I've pretty much just written a story in one day. Hellishly rough, but it's all there. (Presuming I can read my handwriting when I wake up--this baby's written on the back of shopping lists, receipts and bus tickets as well as a notebook.)

Don't get too excited, though, folks. It's Stephanie Plum (Janet Evanovich) fanfic--Morelli/Ranger, to be precise--for the [ profile] yuletide New Years Resolutions Challenge and I really need to go and skim at least one book before I start typing it up. [ profile] evaine, [ profile] rockfic: either of you a fan?

Anyway. It's now a whole 46 minutes into my birthday, so I'm going to head off to bed and snuggle my dead-to-the-world but very much alive husband. (Op went well, btw. He'll probably have a middling-large scar, but it'll be a neat one--very clean incision. He's bring a surprisingly good patient and is currently sacked out on a good dose of codeine.)

I can take time to freak out about being old when I wake up :P
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First things first, the cake can be found here. It turns out that Dave liked it more than I did - the sponge was a bit too spongey for my tastes, but then I'm always supercritical of anything I cook. I'm still mildly shocked that I haven't written about food in over 18 days.

And now - presents!

From the in-laws, a rather nice cross-stitch kit. Alas, it's one I already have, but that just shows their good taste. I'll exchange it (with their blessing) when I'm next in Bristol.
From SIL - a manicure and pedicure kit. I'm going to have the best turned out hands and feet in Britain at this rate; I got a bunch of stuff like this at Christmas :D
From BIL - an Amazon voucher. Maybe now I can justify getting a book on Victorian debauchery and excesses

From random almost-family people - a bottle of nice white wine, a huge decorative candle and another pedicure kit. This one is particularly cool though, as it has a gel pack for resting each foot on when you've done too much walking/standing. Why has noone come up with this idea before?

From my parents - a cheque.

And from Dave.... Well, I wasn't going to mention this, but since I'm all grown-up etc, I figured I would. I got a rather pretty box full of sex toys. So, I probably won't be around in the evenings for a while!!
Live Shit: Binge and Purge (Metallica, who else?). I'm really looking forward to watching and listening to this. I'm currently battling the urge to stencil 'Scary Guy' all over the house ;)
And SKOM!! Dave came home with it after work - he ordered me the US edition as that came out on the 25th and the UK one comes out on the 31st of January. We watched it last night and I have to agree with Heather - there is definitely subliminal messaging. I want to pick up Lars, take him home and look after him. You've got to admire them for laying themselves open like this. Oh, and Dr Phil is The Sweater King. His collection, although undoubtably of historical importance, should be burned at the nearest stake. Other candidates for burning include Lars' floppy brimmed hat and James' Amish-style dungarees.

Twas a great day!


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