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Thank-you all for your lovely comments!

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Well, either he loved or hated lunch. After a big bowl of frogspawn (okay, giant couscous, chilli and feta salad), Speck started a kicking spree. He gave me about 10 or 12 kicks in fast succession before Dave made it across the room.

Guess how many he came up with?

81 from when Dave started counting :D

Our baby's going to be a footballer! (Or possibly the next Bruce Lee....)

While I'm being happy and all, I have discovered that my bump now makes the perfect shelf for a tub of ice-cream. Very handy when slumped on the sofa watching telly.
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You know what? I'm ready to give birth.

I am so sore and uncomfortable and it's only going to get worse until he finally pops out. I cried all the way home from the bus stop--can't fit safely behind the wheel of my car any more--as it hurt so bloody much to walk. Maybe I should work on making friends with the neighbours so that next time I can beg someone to drive me a couple of hundred yards down the road.

Thanks to Dave's gentle nagging we are fully prepared for Speck's arrival. I traipsed around the city centre this morning for the last few things and now I am the proud owner of a fully packed hospital bag--biggest bag ever--birth plan and even a contacts list. I've washed everything that he can expect to wear in the first few weeks of his life and I'm even contemplating ironing his bed linen.

I had a very odd dream the other night. For some strange reason I dreamt that Speck had decided that he wanted to come out and see what Mummy looked like--maybe he's just as bored with all this waiting around as I am? So, he cut himself a door in my tummy and in my dream I woke up to find him sitting on my tummy staring at me, umbilical cord trailing back into my tummy and all. I ended up telling him that it was too early to come out and play and that he had to go back into my tummy for at least two weeks. He sulked, I wagged my finger, then he crawled back inside and slammed his door behind him. Very teenage, very freaky.

Growth scan

Sep. 1st, 2006 06:22 pm
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I had my growth scan this morning. Mixed results, really.

Speck's head is measuring 35+1 weeks, so a little ahead for dates, but still relatively normal. His abdomen is measuring 38+3 which is beyond the normal ranges. I'm a little freaked by this, but the registrar doesn't feel that this is a cause for concern--I'm not diabetic, so he may just be a big baby. No horrible diseases or syndromes were bandied around which was a relief! They're re-scanning me in two weeks to see how much he's grown.

His current estimated weight is 6lb 13oz, which is um... big. At this stage babies usually put on half a pound per week, with a slow-down around 38 weeks so Speck could end up quite hefty :P Hopefully he won't be record-breakingly heavy--I believe the world's heaviest baby clocked in at 24lbs.

I'm not too worried by all of this. I've read too many accounts of grossly inaccurate growth scans and fetal weight estimates to believe it as gospel truth. I'll pay more attention to how much the measurements have changed when I'm next scanned and allocate panic accordingly.

Speck has also moved to being head-down, so if he stays there I'm all set for a normal vaginal birth. There are no current plans to induce me or give me an automatic Caesarian, so I'm really relieved about that. An actual water birth is still off the cards, but the registrar seemed to think that labouring in the pool would be okay. This cheered me up quite a bit as I might be able to avoid too many drugs during labour.
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* Sunday's party was awesome! I'm really glad that we decided to throw one, even if I am now completely knackered. It may take me the rest of the week to recover. Still, I'm bloody impressed that my legs haven't fallen off after all the dancing that I did. Photos can be found at Dave's flickr for anyone who's interested. Those of you who couldn't make it--you missed out on a great evening!!

* I'm having a growth scan on Friday as the midwife reckons Speck is measuring too big. Currently I'm measuring six weeks ahead which isn't great. It could just be that she hasn't taken my flabby belly into account--although, I'm hard pressed to see how she could miss it--or he really could be big. If he is, then early induction or c/s (depending on position) will be the order of the day. I'm not thrilled about any of this.

* Back in February a girl I vaguely knew from a couple of cross stitch communities died suddenly. I only found out about this in May and it's preyed on my mind ever since. She got married the day before Dave and I did and she seemed like such a lovely, happy person from the few PMs we exchanged. I've been feeling a bit perturbed at her husband's decision to completely move on with his life as it seemed he just wanted to forget he'd ever been married, and that just didn't jive with the mental picture I had of them.

Tonight I discovered that she committed suicide due to depression about her infertility. That would explain why no one ever answered other queries about what happened....

So, now I feel bad about being judgemental and also for thinking that if Dave and I hadn't propped up each other and talked loads about our fertility woes, that I could have landed up in a depressive state, too. Oh, I don't know *flails hands* At least I now know a basic cause of death and maybe I can stop thinking about her. She was only a couple of months younger than me, too. I guess it's also another reminder that we only show others what we want them to see. I'd be willing to bet that very, very few people knew her as anything other than sparkly! happy! happy!

It's weird how I didn't know her at all, but she's under my skin so much. Can I blame this on hormones? (They're jolly useful little buggers.)

* Skipped out of our antenatal class last week as I couldn't face an inept discussion about birth complications etc. I'll be flying solo at tomorrow's session on breastfeeding and I'm dreading it. Oh well, maybe I'll learn something and I can always run away if I'm unhappy/uncomfortable. I'll have to leave early if I'm going to have any hope of parking easily :(

* I'm sure there was more, but my mind is a sieve tonight.
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We had our first antenatal class and out of approx. 36 people in the room, I was the only non-white. For the first time in years, I actually felt quite awkward as a result of that. I am no doubt paranoid, but people kept staring at me when I spoke up, so I stopped speaking up and looked at the floor instead. Apart from hospital-specific information it was next to useless and I really don't want to go back. How they expect people to make lasting friendships in such a huge group is beyond me, and I hate feeling forced to make friends 'which will last for the rest of your life.'

Bah, humbug, I say. I may call the NCT and pay for a course. The content can't be any worse, there'll be less people there, and I probably won't have to sit on a too-low, hard, plastic chair. Honestly, it was like a cross between the worst seminar ever (content) and primary school (comfort.)


Whilst I appreciate that I'm pregnant and possibly perceived as providing less interesting conversation than a half-rotten lump of pine--pine being the most boring wood, in my opinion--I'm still me. I can talk about non-baby things. So, if you're avoiding IM-ing me due to a fear that "Hello, how are you?" will be met by, "OMG, I have these terrible piles that I must tell you about in excruciating detail! And there are so many other horrible things going on that I'm dying to burden you with.... Oh, and shall I read my entire birth plan to you? We can talk about the best way to fish poo out of the birthing pool!" then worry ye not. Instead, I can happily talk about corruptible waiters, my attempts to track down a local supplier for the excellent organic lemonade we had in Devon, and just how much fun can be had in a four-poster bed (lots).

If, on the other hand, you don't want to talk to me at all, please do let me know. I can then have one good cry and go about my life without having to fret about whatever I've done or not done to deserve being ignored.

PS. I don't have piles.

PPS. Yes, I'm hormonal and irrational. I'm sure I'll look back upon this with oodles of embarrassment in a few years, but never having suffered from PMS, I have no fucking idea of how to cope with shitloads of hormonal upheaval. Chocolate does NOT work.

PPPS. I hesitate to say this, but I really don't like being called 'Mama Ang'.
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I really want to do some writing today, but my brain is not cooperating.


In good news, I finally got the results of my glucose tolerance test. Fasting level of 5.1 and post-lucozade level of 5.0. It seems that my body can efficiently process glucose, so no diabetes for me! This is a particular relief as I didn't fancy trying to accomodate a changed/complicated diet with our weekend away or having to inflict further injections on myself.
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Our pushchair arrived today and since we were doing photos of it anyway, I took the opportunity to get Dave to do a bump picture of me.

I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow, btw.

Ang at 27+6 weeks
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Here is the cotbed. It's in our bedroom rather than the nursery as Speck will share our room for the first (exhausting) six months. We're off sheet shopping tomorrow :)

The wardrobe. I'm not sure Speck will ever find Narnia inside the wardrobe but it's plenty big enough for him to play hide and seek in. The blue thing on the floor to the left is a baby activity centre that some friends passed on to us. It has loads of fun things to bash and explore but takes up an awful lot of floor space.

Surprisingly enough: the changing unit/chest of drawers. The rail around the top is removable when we're eventually done with nappies.

Dave put that lot together in four hours or thereabouts which was incredibly quick in my opinion. Isn't he fab?

I'm really surprised by the quality, actually. It doesn't feel like flat-pack furniture at all. The drawers run smoothly, the wardrobe closes perfectly, the cotbed is sturdy yet elegant. It's a big relief as I wasn't able to look at this set in a shop; mail/internet order only. (I have to say that it's going to be hard to get used to having less room in the bedroom, especially for early morning stumbling to the loo. I may actually have to open my eyes!)
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The nursery furniture arrived this morning in a plethora of boxes. Poor Dave will be occupied for hours (days?) putting it all together. It's going to be weird waking up and looking at a cotbed each morning. Also, the pushchair and carseat are supposed to arrive on Monday according to Parcelforce's estimate.

So... if I buy sheets this weekend, we'll be ready for any early arrival on Speck's part. That's very scary.
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I have to wonder how women with arthritis or rheumatism cope with modern pushchairs. There are so many bits to push or pull and they're all invariably stiff. Not pleasant. My hands are a bit carpal tunnel-esque due to pregnancy and I had issues today, so what about women with real problems?

While I am thinking aloud, it would also be good if someone developed a wriggly, screaming 10lb fake baby so that people can attempt to fold/unfold pushchairs in a more realistic situation. If you can do it without damaging yourself, baby, or dumping your handbag contents over the ground then you're on to a winner.

A quick tangent before I ramble too much: we showed the scan DVD to some friends and their one year old. Skye pointed at the screen and said "baby!" I melted from sheer cuteness :) I had no idea she was doing words!

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Today we had a 4D scan at Future Babies in Reading, who are fabulous btw. (The fourth dimension is time, in case you were wondering.) I don't have words to describe how wonderful it was, but instead, let me refer you to the piles of tissues I've gone through since the scan started.

We have the world's most beautiful baby boy, and yes, I'm wildly biased. We've already re-watched the DVD and I've had another good sniffle.

He kicked, squirmed, wriggled, rolled over and back again, snuggled up to the umbilical cord, waved, played with his face (as usual) and happily rolled around with legs akimbo. Definitely a boy :P

And... he smiled too! See?

Speck's first smile

Further pictures can be found on Dave's flickr:

PS. Looks like he will be big (or I have gestational diabetes). Currently he's measuring at 27+4 and weighing 2lb 9oz!! Eeek.
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1. The second aircon company I made an appointment with has failed to attend. I am livid.

2. There is a stubborn sticky patch on the kitchen counter which will NOT shift despite vigorous effort since we moved in. I've tried everything. Who the fuck sticks a big bit of sellotape onto the counter top anyway?

3. We still haven't found anywhere to go for our weekend away. Gidleigh Park was supposed to re-open at the beginning of August but that's now been set back to the end of autumn. Nowhere else in the Southwest compares and I'm not keen on going outwith 100 miles of home at 31 weeks or thereabouts. And now I realise that there will possibly be a conflict with antenatal classes if we try for midweek instead. *sigh*

4. Having to ring round loads of shops to find a place which stocks the cotbeds we want to look at. You'd think main stockists would keep more than just a two years old model in stock, wouldn't you? (I don't think it's unreasonable to want to see before you buy. Cotbeds have a habit of looking much nicer in photos than they actually are.)

5. Offal. Why is this suddenly chic? I don't want to be offered trotters let alone pigs head, no matter how exquisitely it may be cooked or however many Michelin stars the restaurant has. I'll go as far as kidneys or liver and that's it. I'll be pissed off it I have a tasting menu and they bring out sweetbreads....

6. Laminate floors. No matter how often I sweep, the floor always has bits of grit on it.

7. Whilst I am on the subject of floors: matte black tiles. The worst choice possible for a kitchen floor. They are impossible to keep clean!! Especially as the grout wasn't cleaned off properly in a few areas which means they look grubby as soon as they've been washed. I am giving serious consideration to buying a scrubbing brush and spending an afternoon on the floor.

8. Being weepy. I'm not used to all these hormones. I'm lucky enough to not get PMT, so the massive amounts of pregnancy hormones are hitting me hard.

9. Product descriptions written in first person.
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The mind is a funny old place.

25+6 seems ages away from 40 weeks, however, that's 99 days (which still seems ages away) but it's only when you describe it as 13 weekends that it suddenly seems terrifying and omgwedon'thaveanything!!

And... they've stopped making the pushchair that I was keen on, not to mention the cotbed/room set that we'd decided on. Bastards. Still, if the worst comes to the worst, then Speck can sleep in the laundry basket :P
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This is... interesting. Shall I name Speck "Ferarri-Bugatti"?

Apart from the sheer horror of the youngest child's name, my loins shrink in horror at the thought of 13 children. The finances must be horrific, even if they're all in hand-me-downs with nothing new ever.
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I had a life insurance medical this morning. Never, ever have I been grilled so throughly about my health or my family's health. How on earth am I supposed to remember exactly why I had an x-ray when I was eight? Or, for that matter, how old my parents are and all their various maladies? They don't like me sending cards for their birthdays so I've long since stopped paying attention to them or their ages....

At any rate, the doctor did agree it was very unfair to weigh me and do waist/hip measurements whilst pregnant. I didn't bother to point out that I've put on zero weight so far--his scales confirmed it, too, and after converting kg to stone, I'm actually quite a bit lighter--so I shall leave the insurance company under the happy illusion that I've put on loads of weight while pregnant. I hate to think what my premiums are going to be like with all the risk factors he jotted down. After deciphering Dad's handwriting for years I have amazing abilities to read illegible scribbles. I am still miffed that as a life-long non-smoker, I've had to provide a saliva test to prove it.

I have made a note to ask at the 4d scan just how big Speck is. The doctor looked surprised when I told him I was 24 weeks and commented that my uterus was "a good size." I'd like to know what that phrase means. The midwife also said that I had a good-sized uterus. Am I going to have a whopping 13lb baby?? Still, he was kind enough to point out a foot to me, so I've now had a good prod at Speck's foot, and Speck kicked back. All good fun.

It's now very, very hot outside, so I'm going to flop on the sofa for a few hours and maybe go sit on the deck when the sun has swung round....
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Tonight Dave felt Speck kick for the first time. Unsurprisingly I'm a blubbering mass of happy tears. I'm sure Speck thinks we're both a bit mad!

Speck is now 24 weeks--well, 22 weeks in foetal terms--and is thus considered viable if he was to be born any time from now onwards. Of course, I do hope he sticks around in my tummy for a few weeks longer! Viability also means that I can start buying things without feeling guilty or worried. Which reminds me....

How long should I expect a newborn to stay in newborn clothes? Should I only buy a tiny number of newborn outfits (or none at all?) and focus mainly on 0-3 month gear? No one has given me a weight estimate yet--frankly, I'm not sure that I'm going to get one from the NHS now--so I remain bemused. And... I presume I should wash all the clothes before Speck arrives, too? Someone said something about chemical coatings on the fibres. God, that was vague!
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I hopped on the scales this morning and I am still the same weight as pre-pregnancy. I forced Dave onto the scales just in case they were broken, and they're not :P I'd be worried if I wasn't so fat when I got pregnant. Speck is growing nicely according to the slew of scans I've had, my tummy is getting big and tight, but the scales remain resolutely the same.

I should probably try and eat more....
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Making icing on a hot day is like swimming upstream.

I am hoping that it will set up in the fridge but as I am using evil soya margarine I have no idea how it will behave. The original recipe using butter would have been fine, I think. This is very nerve-wracking.

We have to go and pick up C before the party and I am dreading driving around Bristol with a chocolate cake on my lap!! I may wear a binliner until we get to the party and the cake becomes someone else's problem.

Also. Am having weirdness with my left leg. Periodically the front--from the top of the thigh to the knee--goes numb when I've been standing up for a while. It goes away within a couple of minutes of me sitting down. According to Google this is relatively normal and is either the weight of the uterus pressing on nerves or sciatica. Definitely something to mention when I'm at the consultants on Friday, although since it's driving me mad I might try and see the GP about it.
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My 20 week scan date finally came through on Friday. It's on the 2nd of June when I will-amazingly enough--actually be 20 weeks. Hopefully Speck is as ridiculously healthy as Dave is and not sickly and broken like mummy. I'm looking forward to starting to buy little bits and bobs. I do worry that I'll have Speck and not have anywhere for him/her to sleep....

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