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Sep. 17th, 2017 09:18 pm
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God bless your valiant soul for venturing out in this ominous date, thank you for being neighborly and for celebrating this Halloween.

I know that strangers knocking at your door and demanding trick or treat is kind of daunting. Here I'll give you some some ideas that might help you out, if you found them a hindrance disregard them and write to your heart content. As a general rule I'm really most interested in the canonverse, so I’d appreciate a story about that rather than a crossover or AU; but, don't worry if you can't, please. Also, this is the link for my handy exchange list, so you could know me better: My List. In any case, these are some general guidelines:

General Likes
* Fluff
* Domesticity and slice-of-life, including curtainfic
* Hurt/comfort
* One-sided love (without pinning)
* Competence kink
* Characters passing the broccoli test.
* Care-taking as evidence of love
* Cuddling and bed-sharing


* AUs, most particularly, mundane AUs.
* Gore, I'm ok with violence but not with lovely descriptions of splattered blood or insides
* Scat, 'nuff said
* Harm to minors
* Blood play or Knife play

I'll try to not burden you with a an effusion of feelings, requests and demands, but I have some prompts and that's because these four shows hurt so good in the best way possible.Trick me or Treat me, I'll love you anyway.

The Borgias (2011)
Cesare Borgia (Borgias)
Micheletto (Borgias)

So many water under the bridge and I still love these two. In one hand, these two bring the worst of the other out; In the other, their relationship work in so many levels to me. I would read Cesare fic, or Micheletto fic or Cesaretto fic. Run wild with it!
  • On the treat side: Planing murder together. Valet service (ritualized disrobing, drawing a bath, combing hair). Free time together. Shared meals.
  • On the trick side: One of them is haunted. Somebody threw a curse to one of them. One witch is real and one of them angered her. Some murder victims don't know how to lie still in their graves.
Call the Midwife
Delia Busby (Call the Midwife)
Patsy Mount (Call the Midwife)
Sister Evangelina (Call the Midwife)

I know this is an OR exchange, but I wanted to let you know I'm not adverse to Pupcake if that's your fancy. I fancy these three strong ladies, and I'm perfectly ok with a character-centric fic. Feel free to explore Sister Evangelina stern sense of duty or Delia's bravery or Patsy's frailty. I'm here for them.
  • On the treat side: I love the kitchen scenes of the show (Free time together. Shared meals. Unwinding after a long day). I'd like to see them enjoy themselves. Tears of joy after a difficult delivery.
  • On the trick side: Childbirth gone wrong. Self-doubt. Childbirth inside a haunted house. Childbirth during The Blitz (Evangelina was there).

Eliot Spencer
Mr. Quinn (Leverage)

Ahhh, two hitters with different flavors. I love their rival/friend vibe and I think they have a lot of common ground. I'm also not adverse to this as a pairing, but I understand if you don't.
  • On the treat side:Sparring session. Comparing scars. Bragging about accomplishments. A nightcap with an old friend. Eliot still owes Mr. Quinn a favor.
  • On the trick side: One wants to get out of business, business don't agree. One must protect something/someone that's the other's mark. Ghosts around the world. An old business come knocking and wants revenge.
Daredevil (TV)
James Wesley (Doritos)
Wilson Fisk (Doritos)

(I'll never forgive this show for giving me those two and taking them from my hands!) Ejem... I loved Season 1 with all my broken heart. These two, either planing crime or wooing a lady Vanessa, I'll love them to the end of my days
  • On the treat side: Planning crime, hiding profits. Caring for the other in the form of financial assistance. A friendly ear is better than a mirror for practicing a speech. "I'm here because I'm needed," nuff' said.
  • On the trick side: Ghost!Wesley. Fisk thinking about Wesley in prison. "Find out who did this". Cleaning a murder scene with a stubborn corpse. Wesley didn't have a proper burial and he refuses to go away.

Thank you, lovely neighbor. I promise not to finish it in one go (Do you believe it? I hope you did!)

Happy writing and happy Halloween!


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