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I have just spent an hour going through my memories and deleting all---well, I hope I managed to get them all---the dead links.  Such a tedious deletion process!

In other news, we watched Paul tonight which surprised me by being amusing and quite fun.  (I actually really like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but the trailers for this left me absolutely cold.  Hence my surprise.)

Also! We watched s2 ep1 of Hawaii Five-0 which was awesome!  Lovely twist at the end, and I'm really looking forward to ep2. Last night we watched the return of Sherlock, which was brilliantly clever and thoroughly enjoyable, even if I did have to get Dave to read out loads of the on-screen text.  It is a sucky show for people with low vision, but fun all the same.  And, hee!  Recreational scolding.  Much love to Steven Moffat.

It's been nice to have an evening of 'normal' tv.  We've been watching a lot of UFC lately, which isn't an actual problem and one can never overdose on sweaty mostly-naked men fighting, but almost every night?  Don't be surprised if I start writing cage fighting stories...

I'm looking forward to the return of Castle, Suits s1 airing at last and Grimm.  January is shaping up to be a great month for TV.


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